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"Danza Paraguaya", Agustin Barrios Mangoré
Transcription and Fingering:
Renato Bellucci

Danza Paraguaya is one of Barrios greatest works. The Paraguayan composer takes the Paraguayan folk dance Polka and creates a unique masterpiece. He adds a third part to the 2 part musical form as if trying to crown his work with a touch of genius. He does and adds one of the greatest guitar works to the repertoire. It is a virtuoso piece in that it requires the player to dedicate time to stretches, and perfect coordination of both hands. The Polka is a lively, happy dance and piece is never dull. Barrios achieves drama by displaying his master knowledge of the classical guitar and introducing elements from the classical repertoire. The outcome is a folk piece with the soul of a classical masterwork.

Danza Paraguaya - Renato Bellucci Live in Napoli, Italy, 1983

Paraguayan dance, staff 1
Video 1

In order to play the high D in measure 3, you have to stretch 1 fret beyond  the natural 4 frets reach of the left hand. Finger 4 stops the string with the outer side of the tip. The stretch must be immediately followed by a contraction. Use the open string to make the change of position (dotted red lien in the video) Notice also how finger 4 is taken from the to the C# with the help of a contraction in the palm of the left hand.

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