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Cutaway Master grade Cedar top, Ebony  fingerboard, Koa back and sides, Onboard equalizer. Also, a classical shape Koa
Koa cutaway guitar front view Koa cutaway guitar back view Koa CLASSICAL
Koa cutaway, front view           Koa guitar Back view               Koa side view (onboard Eq)
Koa headplate with Fustero classic
Fustero tuners on the Koa headplate

Koa wood at night
Wow !

Koa is the best-known hardwood of the Hawaiian Islands. Acacia koa is a native forest tree, unique to Hawaii. Koa means bold, a quality essential to the ocean-going vessels which were adze-carved from giant logs in Big Island forests. Early European craftsmen used it for furniture at first. The Ukelele is made of this wood and the guitar benefits from the well balanced tone and tiger-like looks of this tropical wood. Since 1980, the value of Koa has quadrupled due to deforestation. 

Fustero tuner detail
Fustero tuners detail

Koa wood grain
Koa wood grain
Koa cutaway guitar front view
Koa cutaway guitar
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