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John Williams about Paraguay & Mangoré

John Williams about Paraguay & Mangoré

Brazilian guitarist Marcelo Kayath interviews John Williams

Marcelo Kayath is one of the few guitar players that makes the "Guitar Megastars List". Kayath is the star that belongs to my generation, winner of mayor guitar competitions and a symbol to guitar technique mastery and musicianship. Although he cut his performance career relatively early due to other projects he wished to pursue, he remains one of the greatest guitar figures of all times. He interviewed John Williams in London. I could not but extract the 2 phrases that sent shivers down my spine. Williams was in Paraguay in 1997. That memorable night in Asunción Paraguay, Williams delivered what can only be described as a Milestone Recital of Barrios-Mangore greatest compositions. Williams, Kayath and I have all been students of Anderes Segovia the legendary Spanish Guitar master.

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