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Mangore.com 20th Anniversary, 1997-2017

Mangore.com 20th Anniversary, 1997-2017

Hear this amazing Ziricote Guitar

This beautiful Zizicote guitar was inspired by this Bellucci Guitar  Model. She was commissioned by Felipe in Lake Forest CA, USA. A true Masterpiece worthy of the best adjectives when it comes to beauty & presence of both sound and looks. She is perfect in every way. For starters she will completely take your breath away the minute your eyes meet her for the first time. The perfect mix of the Belize Ziricote on the back and sides with its typical prehistoric looking reptile type of grain mixed with a stunning highly figured Oregon Wild Port Orford Cedar top is perhaps one of the best complementations of woods I have come up with to date. A delicate Cocobolo binding that sends out a special light and the most exquisite handmade marquetry merges all the parts together in what could be summarized as the sum of an endless number of minute details each one filled with love and passion. READ MORE>>

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