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Master grade Cedar top concert guitar, Padauk back and sides, rosette # 9
Padauk guitar, ready to ship
Padauk reddish color is simply wonderful
Padauk guitar, Cedar top
Padauk and cedar guitar
Padauk grain
Padauk grain
Bocote concert guitar
Padauk guitar

Padauk is also known as coral, African coralwood, mututi, ngula, muenge, mbe, mbil, vermillion, yomo, barwood and comwood. Padauk has straight/interlocked grain with slightly coarse texture. Rich red to purple red and pale-beige are the typical colors. It is hard, heavy, and strong, it finishes wonderfully and brings out all its splendor when lacquer is applied. The instruments it produces are simply fantastic. Great tone, stability and unique projection are some of the characteristics of this fabulous wood. Both Cedar and Spruce make for the perfect soundboard.

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