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Hello Renato, I've just received my custom case. It fits my guitar perfectly! I'm incredibly happy. It is such a magnificent work of art you team has created. I'll send a photo of it later tonight with the guitar for your website. Thanks again!


USA, April 18, 2016

Yuka Sato

Yuka Sato

Dear Renato
My Custom Blackwood Concert Guitar arrived in Japan !
I will use it all my life. Thank you.
Yuka Sato
yuka15night< at >yahoo< dot >co< dot >jp

Yuka Sato, Japan, Dec 2015

Francisco González

Francisco González

Dear Renato,

I wish to say a few words to readers and users of your website about my experience in purchasing a guitar from you.

Last August, I ordered for my daughter a custom-made, small-body “Sting” model guitar. *This one
*.  I made various changes and additions and back-and-forth decisions as the weeks went by, and Renato patiently took care of all those changes. What has come out really is a thing of beauty, a work of art.

Initially I though of letting it sit for a few days, without playing it, so it could acclimatize itself to its surroundings, under the principle that you must not try for example a good wine immediately after it has travelled; you let it sit and compose itself from the shock it has suffered. But Natalia thought this was nonsense and tried it right away.
She was delighted, and the first thing she said was: “This is going to be *so* much more comfortable for me!”. Yes. I myself have discovered that
small body or “parlor” guitars are indeed more comfortable for many of us, not just kids.

We’ve been playing it quite a bit since then, and the sound gets better the more you play it. This beauty is getting used to her new surroundings all
right, she likes her new home and her owner, and I predict it will continue to get better and better as the years go by. It is an established fact that
guitars are temperamental, they are alive, or they come alive when you play them. Once, a few months ago, I heard Natalia say: “You know, sometimes the guitar just doesn’t want to cooperate.” And that’s so true!. This one so
far has been cooperating very nicely. Because she can feel we love her.

I congratulate Renato and the team of luthiers who created this magnificent instrument. If things continue this way, I predict I will switch
exclusively to parlor guitars in the near future.

A heartfelt thank you, Renato, to you and to your luthiers for your great work and for your patience.

mail: abacales <at>gmail<dot>com

[Sometime during the weekend, I will get around to taking a good picture of Natalia with the guitar and I’ll send it to you so you can add it to my
comments if you want]

Francisco González, Canada, Dec 16, 2015

Mark Durkin

Mark Durkin" Typhoon Guitar"

Hi Renato, well she arrived and I have spent time with her and she is all you said
she would be. Looks and sounds awesome, cant find one thing I don't like about her.
Incredible guitar, absolutely perfect and I am hard to please. Thanks mucho. I
leave for Asia in 10 days but will send you pictures and a bio as soon as I can. I
will be in Bangkok, your old hometown and will send you pics and musical updates. I
will be in Asia 6 months and will be playing music every day and marrying a
beautiful Vietnamese girl Dec 21st. Life is wonderful. Take care and keep up the
great work you are doing.  Your vey appreciative
Mark Durkin
UK, markdurkin55< at >yahoo < dot >com

Mark Durkin, UK, markdurkin55< at >yahoo < dot >com

Frank Octigan

Frank Octigan

In The Holy Bible, in Philipians 4:8 is recorded the following verse: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Your website has vindicated my passion for the power of the selfless pursuit of excellence. It is its own reward. As a 60 year old living in Scottsdale, AZ, USA, my earliest memories are of listening to Segovia and Yepes. Although a child of the1960\ s I have often told my wife that if Jesus allowed me only one style of music for the rest of my days it would be that of romantic Spanish guitar. Thank you for making my day....I go forth with a deep peace...

Frank, September 2, 2015, @ 13:24, S.D.G. octigan< at >me , dot >com

Hi Renato,

Hi Renato,

The guitar arrived today at 2:00 PM. Shipping time was about 5 days - very fast from so far away. I have brought it up to pitch and am letting it acclimate to temperature and humidity conditions. We have just about reached the time for constant air conditioning in late spring in South Carolina.

The workmanship is flawless and the cosmetic effect of the curly redwood against the very plain palette of the Indonesian Rosewood is striking. Of course, it is all tied together with the very rich but understated ornamentation. The indented cutaway is at once very useful and very beautiful. You were spot on concerning the action. In a couple of weeks I will lower it even more than you did. She will be a fine companion for my first Bellucci guitar, an 8 year old Brazilian Rosewood with a cedar nomex double top which is still my favorite.

Be well, my friend; please don't ever stop leading your team in the creation of such beautiful instruments.

Warm regards,

rbagley44 <at >sc < dot >rr < dot >com

Bob, USA, May 28, 2015, rbagley44 sc < dot >rr < dot >com

Greetings Renato,

Greetings Renato,

I finally received my Zebrawood guitar today and, of course, I am much more than pleased with it. This guitar has a very mellow bass presence. That rounds out the three that I have purchased from you, quite well.

As you may now know, if you in fact recall, I tend to name my guitars. I had a few preconceived notions for a name for this guitar. When I saw that you had inlayed your last name on the head of the guitar my notions changed. I will call it 'Renato', in honor of you, and I think that is altogether quite, quite fitting.

Thank you so very much, once again. My kindest regards go out to you and yours. Do be well, and very well.


Errol, renaissancelute < at >yahoo < dot >com

Errol, USA, May 21, 2015, renaissancelute < at >yahoo < dot >com

Dear Maestro Renato,

Dear Maestro Renato,

I have been a member of your Masterclasses for almost 2 years. Becoming a member was one of the most rewarding and entertaining decisions of my life.

On November 10th. 2013, my soulmate and wife (Jeannie) of 50 years passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. During the grieving process I found that by logging onto your website I have gained tremendous comfort, peace and inspiration. Learning to play some of my wife's  favorite songs has brought me closer in touch with some of our most memorable occasions.

Thank you and God bless you.

Robert, USA, March 3, 2015



The Tiger arrived a few days ago... and in perfect order.

This guitar is a man-sized instrument; seeming to favor the larger size of the several Brazilian guitars that friends of mine purchased when we were in Uruguay. This is an amazingly handsome instrument with beautiful detail, carefully executed. After we got to "know" each other a bit, the Tiger plays nicely; sounds both deep and rich/high and bright. I sense that, as she ages, her sound will constantly improve.

'Am impressed with the face; which appears to be of a relatively thinner and finer aspect. Yet the face, as well as the rest of the guitar is very solid... and weighs accordingly. I get the impression that the added overall weight, coupled with extensive underwork beneath the face, (which I have not tried to see with a mirror, nor attempted to feel through the sound opening) add strength and depth to the sounds produced by the strings, bridge and face. I wish that the tiger stripes would show on the finger board like they do on the bridge... but it wouldn't do, of course, to put such a finish on the finger board. All of the mosaic is beautifully done in various colors, set off by accompanying borders. I especially like the subtle red border around the top, around and up the back, and up the neck.

I can see and feel the extra protection the plush white lining provides. The leather case is very attractive and unusual. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona and saw a lot of Mexican leatherwork, hand-tooled with the same type of designs. It appears that the decoration on the case is machine pressed, but with the same unique artistic flare of Mexico Latin America.

I wonder why the placard on the inside of the guitar does not specify Asuncion Paraguay as the place of origin of the guitar. Paraguay is out-of-the-way country that must be a country of unique romance and adventure; after all, it is the home of Renato Bellucci... and who knows how may other aficionados!

Thank you, Sir, for this precious treasure.

Carl, Monett, MO, March 20, 2015



This is to inform you that my beautiful cocobolo/cedar guitar is a true joy. She looks wonderful. Her sound grows more mellow each time I play her. I keep her in a humicase where the RH is 50% or more. I call her "sweetness", and I am daily more glad to have her. Your luthiers have a reason to be very proud of their product.

Please accept my thanks to you and your luthiers.

Charles, crcolabella < at >verizon < dot >net

Charles, Arvada, CO, December 30, 2014, crcolabella < at >verizon < dot >net

Hi Renato!

Hi Renato!

I received guitar today. Thank you. This guitar is very gorgeous. I will keep her always.

Thank you very match Renato. Hugs!

Hisao Arai, Japan, October 31, 2014

Maestro Renato:

Maestro Renato:

Just got thru playing my masterpiece guitar you made for me 2 years ago. The tone is getting better all the time.

Have attached photos of my "guitar wall" and a close up of yours.

God Bless you and your family.

Tim, stringmusician < at > yahoo < dot > com