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Bellucci Hand Embossed Genuine Leather Cases
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Bellucci Hand Embossed Genuine Leather Cases

Pure Art

The Bellucci Hand Embossed Leather case is a work of art on its own right. Built by one of a handful of very talented leather embossers in Latin America. It takes countless hours of patient labor to build and emboss a single leather case. Bellucci guitar cases are built following my specifications for both the interior and exterior in order to fit Bellucci guitars like a glove. The Bellucci Guitar Case will also fit other standard full size concert classical guitar brands. Contact me for special orders and measures. The default interior of the case is brown cloth. I can hace peluche inerior (white, grey or beige) but peluche is not always available. I also build custom cases. These can be black or brown. They can be made to fit classical, electric or acoustic guitars. I also build embossed leather cases for violins, cellos and if you supply the measures, I can build custom embossed cases for any musical instrument. Each Bellucci Hand Embossed case is a unique work of art hand stitched and built to last forever. It takes over 110 hours of very skilled and patient labor to build a single Bellucci Hand Embossed Leather Case. Each one is a true masterpiece. S.D.G. *

 -Bellucci Guitar Cass comes in Brown with White Peluche Interior 
 -Ships Worldwide!! 

Bellucci Guitars Cases fit Classical Guitars of all brands.

Contact Maestro Bellucci for custom Guitar Cases.

Hand Embssed Guitar Case

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Customer Testimonial



Your fabulous case arrive at my home today. I am so stunned and impressed from the beauty of the case that I can't find any words to describe it. My greatest respect goes to all the great and unbelievable craftsmanship that was poured into this finest work of art. It is just amazing!!! And I am honored to be the proud owner of your one and only guitar case. The fact that I am not a player of classical guitars, but an enthusiastic local performer of Mississippi Delta Blues a la Robert Johnson (www.deltabluesboys) might not please you, but as you can see on the photo I am attaching to this mail, my main axe, 1931 National Style O, has finally found a case that not only fits her like a glove, but is the most beautiful house that she can wish for. It is kind of peculiar to receive such a wonderful gift in the most difficult and challenging time of our Nation, but you can be sure that your case makes me happy every time I look at it, and hopefully give me the courage to carry on.
Thank you for sending me such a precious thing in my life.

Best regards.

Kazu, March 28, 2011


Robert Klein, USA,
March 25, 2013

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