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Skype Guitar lessons with Renato Bellucci

One-on-One Skype Lessons



The idea to be able to teach live online guitar lessons has been lurking in my mind from the very start of mangore.com back in 1997. The idea had to be discarded though, or at least postponed, because online data transfer speeds were simply too low to allow for  a fluent guitar class to take place. Mangore.com teaches classical guitar to thousands in over 210 countries. 

Transfer speed and a small but extremely powerful tool appeared in 2003: Skype. At the beginning, Skype was a tour de force because most internet users did not have a broad band connection; the lagging was unbearable. In the last few weeks I have had several online Skype exchanges with a few of my  students, who are scattered all over the planet. These sessions convinced me that the system is now capable of allowing a teacher and a student to have a live online lesson.

Who Can Participate and How to participate

These live one-on- one guitar lessons are for players of all levels. Each lesson is between 45 and 60 minutes. I am fluent is 4 languages and the lessons can be given in any of the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Young players and/or beginners, can share the lesson with another student and share the cost of the lesson. Contact me for details (the class can actually extend well beyond 60 minutes, it really depends on the material being worked between me and the student).

The student interested in taking the lesson will have to  schedule their lesson at least 3 days in advance. 

The lessons will be based on any of the 230 pieces I teach on mangore.com, listed here. If you want to work on another piece that is not listed here, you must forward me the score in advance.

I will ask the student to play for a minute or so and I'll decide what aspect of technique needs to be prioritized. I will also ask the students questions in order to find out what aspect of his/her playing he/she would like to focus on.

This will help me decide the most suitable piece for the job. I will be open to suggestions as long as the piece is one of the 65 mentioned earlier.

If, for any reason the lesson, or part of the lesson, is not completed (for example, because of "online conditions", technical problems, or any type of emergency), it will have to be rescheduled. 

The lessons must be paid for in advance within 1 hour after my confirmation of the scheduled time and day. All lesson times will be scheduled according to UTC time (Universal Time Coordinated).

What You Will Need

Needless to say, you will need a web cam and a microphone and, the better the camera, the better the definition. This particular model has proven to be a great bargain for the price and the quality it delivers. It is a camera/mic combo, is plugged into a USB port and will be recognized by your PC automatically. 

Skype: free download at www.skype.com

A chromatic tuner, tuned at 440 MHz. You will also need a metronome, paper and pencil. 

Record your lesson with a video camera, mp3 or tape recorder.

I recommend you place one light towards the front, optimally opposite of where you will be looking, to spot notes on the fingerboard, and avoid glare. Keep the area in front of you as spacious as possible to allow for movement towards the camera for showing close ups of either hand as needed. 

Schedule lesson and send inquiries to this email: renato@mangore.com

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