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Tonewoods Properties

The Best Tonewoods

Bellucci Guitars Tonewood Properties

Tropical woods are all very dense and have similar tone characteristics. The reason why some are more expensive than others is in relation with the rarity of the wood and the resistance that the wood offers when it is worked by the luthier. It is not the beauty nor the sound that these tonewoods deliver the reasons why some are more expensive than others.

Aesthetically, it is a very personal choice that inclines you to have a preference for darker Vs. lighter woods, or highly flamed cuts Vs. more uniform cuts.

When it comes to choosing the wood for the back and sides and for the top, you may feel a little lost because you do not know what is more convenient for you. Here, I'll be explaining the factors to be kept in mind when you make your choice. Learn more about all the Tonewoods I offer for Custom Guitar Construction.

Renato Bellucci has used over 45 different species of tonewoods for his Concert Guitars.  Read More »

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