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Dan Flickstein

Dan Flickstein

Dear Renato,
    I believe it was in February of this year while on a walk with my dearest friend that I mentioned to him that he'd probably think I was crazy, because I was about to order three more of your wonderful guitars.  "As long as you can afford them," he said, "if it's what makes you happy, then you should do it."  Of course he was right.  As you know, at that time I already owned nine Bellucci guitars, playing a different one every day.  Each is a beautiful creation, made with wonderful craftsmanship and artistry.  Each is a pleasure to play, with differences in tone from one to another.  My three new additions, a padauk, a blackwood, and a zebrawood, are equally fabulous.  How could they be better than those I already own?  When I made the purchase way back in February, I was unaware that we were about to be challenged by a pandemic which would keep us quarantined for many months (and even now).  I know that that must have made your building task more difficult, but for me awaiting the results and communicating with you, seeing photos of the progress for each instrument, added excitement to an otherwise difficult year. My newest Belluccis are rich in tone and elegant in appearance.
    I own eight other "non-Bellucci" guitars, each one special to me, each one achieving a purpose to my playing, each one aesthetically beautiful, but my Bellucci guitars are far and away my favorites.  To anyone who asks me which Bellucci is my favorite, I provide the same answer:  the one I am playing today.
    Let us look forward to a better, a healthier 2021, and, God willing, to my thirteenth Bellucci addition!  Thank you for all.  When my wife and have some moments (After all it takes time to assemble twelve guitars.), I will send you a photo of myself and my Bellucci guitars.  But we'll need considerable room and a wide-angled lens this time!
                                                                                                                                     With Affection, Dan

professorflick< at >aol <dot >com
Dan Flickstein

Oct, 16, 2020

Astor Vallejo

Astor Vallejo

Thank you very much Maestro Bellucci, Nice Job ! I love the guitar !


Oct 1, 2020

Karen Ackoff

Karen Ackoff


Years ago (2012), I bought one of your guitars. It continues to be my “go to” guitar. It continues to sound sweet with good balance and sustain. My teacher loves it too. I just wanted to let you know it is being played and is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Karen Ackoff

ackoffk <at >icloud< dot >com

March, 5, 2020

Richard Sheff

Richard Sheff

Dear Renato,
My 2nd beauty is another artful masterpiece of construction, voice and detailed craftsmanship. Thank you and your skilled artisans.The shorter scale and radius fingerboard are great for my small, very arthritic, hand. I am now getting familiar with practice again and hope to gain some facility. The tuner is a great addition, and now I have 2 of your great guitars to show to potential buyers.It's a privilege to be your ambassador in the states and to introduce the great value and beauty you offer to others. Its exceptionally pleasing to me that we met in 2007 when I received the jaw-dropping beautiful signature concert guitar... my best birthday month present ever! Finally I have discovered how to apply Gel nails I can, for the first time ever, wind up with playable nails. I look forward to re-learning my Bach Prelude to the Cello Suite in D, and sending you a clip with both instruments featured. The great bass voice of these beauties give a sonorous experience that is thrilling. Thank you always with hugs... your friend and ambassador... Richard
speedorms< at >aol< dot >com

Richard Sheff, USA

Dan Tanner

Dan Tanner

Christmas greetings: 
I bought my Belucci guitar (serial # 502) in 2008. Last night for our Christmas Eve candlelight service, I played a medley of 3 songs:
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Little Town of Bethlehem
O Come, All Ye Faithful
It was not as good as you could have done, for sure!
The guitar has aged to a sweetness that is hard to believe.  It was probably the best I have ever sounded.
Blessings to you and your family,
Dan Tanner
Asheboro, NC
dtanner< at >triad< dot >rr< dot >com

Dan Tanner, NC, USA

Richard Flanagan

Richard Flanagan

Dear Renato
Wanted to take a moment to give you my sincerest thanks for a beautiful guitar. I’ve only had it in my hands for a few hours but already I know I have a new friend that will travel with me for the rest of my life. 
I’m really enjoying my new guitar , the sounds resonate. I never knew a nylon string could sound so rich in tone . It’s a joy to play and rarely leaves my side
May you, your family and your team continue to find peace and prosperity all the days of your lives. 
Richard Flanagan 
ardflanagan2006< at >yahoo< dot >com< dot >au

January 4th 2019, Australia

Erik J Heinrich

Erik J Heinrich

Hello my name is Erik J Heinrich and I am the proud new owner of 'Gloria', a Bellucci Crown Custom Limited Edition S.D.G. Signature Series Concert Classical Guitar.can honestly say that she is one of the finest Bellucci Guitars ever built by the Bellucci team of Luthiers. 

I can attest to this very fact because Gloria is absolutely beautiful and she sounds even more beautiful than she appears to be and she's most comfortable to play as well. The workmanship that went into building this guitar is absolutely astounding and 'Gloria' is impeccable to say the least. I am very grateful for Bellucci Guitars Master Luthier Domingo and his team of Luthiers who put their best efforts forward along with their commitment and dedication, their relentless energy and their loving care that brought 'Gloria' into existence. 
As I was deeply involved in the process of dreaming up an original theme for 'Gloria' We spent a considerable amount of time in preperation to create what we believed would be the perfect combination of inovative custom features in order to produce a truly superior High Performance Concert Classical Guitar. It was all well worth it because every single detail was accomplished according to my expectations. For this I am very grateful and I consider it to be an honor to own such a magnificent Bellucci Guitar. She's everything I had hoped for in a Custom Built Guitar made specifically for my liking and personality. You could spend 10 thousand or even 20 thousand on a Concert Classical Guitar without getting half the custom features that Bellucci Guitars have to offer for the same amount or less. I have searched far and wide  to no avail and at first I could not find a Luthier who could deliver what I wanted in my Dream Guitar. I have done extensive research and study to find a Luthier who could offer a wide variety of Tone-woods and Superior Top woods along with innovative custom features such as an elevated fingerboard, Contreras Style Double Top with Traditional Lattice Bracing, Venetian  cutaway and personalized custom inlays, even Diamonds set in 18k gold settings and installed as Position markers along the top edge of the fingerboard, to no avail until I found Bellucci Guitars, one of the only Guitar Builders in existence who can offer the widest selection of these custom options at any price. You can't go wrong with a Bellucci Custom built Concert Classical Guitar and they build Steel String Acoustic guitars as well that are equally Magnificent! If you want to purchase a superior Guitar at any price you can't afford to pass up a Bellucci Masterpiece Guitar built by some of the best Luthiers in the entire World! By the way Bellucci Customer Service is among the Finest there is. I received 'Gloria' here in New York City, New York from Asuncion, Paraquay in just 9 days after being Postmarked at Asuncion, Paraguay. Thanks again Renato Bellucci, Domingo the Master Luthier & the entire staff at Bellucci Guitars
Erik J Heinrich
New York, NY

July 31, 2018, mzungunycrrcom

Sister Barbara Bamberger

Sister Barbara Bamberger

My dearest Renato,
On Sunday a package arrived here that looked like it could have traveled to China and back and still arrived safely. The reason for my first thank you -- the care you took in wrapping Renata.
After I opened the package, there she lay, more beautiful than ever. Please thank Domingo and the other luthiers for their skill and then yourself, for the care, devotion, and expense you put into building her. A few months ago you wrote "we will make this come out better than before" and you are certainly a man of you word. She is perfect.
Just waiting to be held and loved. The reason for my second thank you.

I tuned her and then let her rest and get acclimated to our humidity and today I will let my fingers accustom themselves to her specifications, which will be a loving task, but one I will approach with humility. I can see that she has a sweet side, but there is a boldness about her. I will have to over come my timidity to approach her courageously. This is the reason for my third thank you.

You see in taking on Renata I will have to grow and learn. Move out of my comfort zone. I have already learned a lot from you. You are a great man and l call our acquaintance one of the great treasures of my life. I have nothing to offer you but my prayers and you can count on a daily rosary forever for your family, your concert tour, your business, your health...

Please ask Belén to give you two huge hugs, one from Renata and then one from me.

Sister Barbara
bbambergerihm <at> gmail <dot> com

July 31, 2018, PA, USA

Bruce, Boise, ID, USA

Bruce, Boise, ID, USA

Hello Renato,
Regarding Aphelia the beautiful Bubinga:
She is so beautiful and so well made -that alone would be reason for praise.
After playing her every day now for a month, I feel that Aphelia is a beautiful work of craftsmanship, art and performance.
I have come to understand that she has great character. From the very first, I could hear magnificent resonant lows; and her trebels were clear like the most beautiful of bells, but over time I have learned more. When alternating between playing her and my other guitars during one session, I have become very aware that she is different -and that she is very much superior.
Her sustain is spectacular and lasting, yet ghost notes are not an issue and that is not something I can say about my other guitars. Renato, your double-top construction technique is awesome.
Typical of a truly great instrument, her sounds are very much her own: spectacular and true, and yet uniquely hers -simply put, it makes me smile every time I have played her. When I set her down to play other guitars, I miss her.
I am very glad that I decided to order this guitar from you; it was a month in ship time to Boise but now I know it was well worth the wait. I also know what a really well-made, hand-made guitar can be; and no guitar I have ever held even comes close to being as good as Aphelia.
Renato, thank you again. You are an honest and amazing Maestro, and your guitar is far better than any I have ever touched.
The work of your hands is amazing and it is good that you dedicate this work to the Glory of the God.
Best regards, Bruce Hedge, Boise, Idaho   
Renato, you may edit and use any part or parts of my email as a reference or testimonial.

Bruce, Boise, ID, USA,
Bruce is retired CEO of National Tech Labs, Inc., his life and forte for many decades was quality-control assembly and infinite fine-tuning of inventions. God only knows how much your review means to me. 

bfhedge <at>netzero<dot>com

April 14, 2018

Jose Velez, USA

Jose Velez, USA

Maestro:  Llegó "Campana" y estoy sumamente complacido.  Ha sido Ud. paciente y sumamente desprendido.  La primera impresión es que la guitarra es espectacular.  Sobre todo me gusta el sonido.  La maquinaria comparada con la otra guitarra es como montarse en un Mercedes después de estar en un Chevy.   Mucho mas fácil de tocar que la otra guitarra, la forma del brazo, el diapason, en fin estoy encantado de la vida.  Lo otro es que le había cambiado el estuche y la mando Ud. en el de cuero repujado, y me he quedado de una pieza, es una obra de arte.  Estoy de prisa, pero solamente quería decirle que llego La Campana, sana y salva.  Después me comunico con mas calma.  Como decía Don Pedro Vargas:  "Muy agradecido, muy agradecido, muy agradecido".  

Un abrazo,  Jose 


PD.  Informele a Roberto que estoy mas que agradecido y admirado de la calidad de su trabajo.

Gonzales, LA, USA, March 7, 2018

Debra, Grayson, KY, USA

Debra, Grayson, KY, USA

The mail lady delivered the case & she wanted to stand & talk, normally I do too, but not today ! I wanted her to leave so I could open the case.... lol I very carefully peeled back each layer & I finally got to see a master piece. It is amazing. Thank you, thank you. I will do my best to keep it a secret until Christmas. Now my only problem is when are you flying here to re-wrap it?? Ha Ha  I'll probably keep it hidden until he has opened all presents & just throw a huge blanket over it & have my husband carry it out. I am so glad I randomly found you on the internet. You have made my day & will make my son's Christmas!

Debra, USA

Debra, August 21, 2017

Prof Dan Flickstein, Augst 21st, 2017

Prof Dan Flickstein, Augst 21st, 2017

Dear Renato,

    I hope you and yours are healthy and happy. Have been in Colorado for a month now.  Can't imagine what it would have been without my newest Bellucci addition.  It sounds as beautiful as it looks.  After playing it the other night I said to my wife that our entire apartment seemed filled with guitar music, and she agreed.  I miss all my other Bellucci's, but I'll have to wait until October to hold and play each one.  When we get home we will take a good photo of those wonderful guitars for your web site.

Professor Dan Flickstein

August 21, 2017, Colorado, USA

Leonel A Ocon, August 5, 2017

Leonel A Ocon, August 5, 2017

Estimado Renato, 

Cada día que pasa estoy más contento con 
mi nueva guitarra Bellucci. No puedo decidir cual 
suena mejor si la Bellucci del 2005 o la nueva, 
suenan distinto. La nueva no sólo suena
lindo y se ve muy bonita, también es más 
fácil de tocar. Es mi preferida

Solo quería que lo supieras,

Gracias y saludos

Leonel Ocon, 
P.S. Estoy intentando tocar Capricho Árabe, 
empezó esta semana, para mi es un gran 


August 4, 2017, Leonel, Honduras

David Stevenson, May 5, 2017

David Stevenson, May 5, 2017

Buen dia, Renato:

Two days ago the guitar arrived here in 

the Spring Valley Community where my wife 

and I moved on March 30.  

The guitar arrived here safely. It looks 

beautiful as does the case. I have been 

playing the guitar for the last two days, 

giving my hands a chance to get used to 

the guitar again. My wife Holly says it is 

much louder and clearer than the other 

guitar I had and so with a little practice 

I should make it sing.  Thanks for going 

out of your way to make this purchase possible. 

Well, all the best to you and your family. 


David and Holly Stevenson

davidstevenson< at >ccimail> dot >com

Mike Sigman, April 3, 2017

Mike Sigman, April 3, 2017

Hi Renato:

Of course it goes without saying that the guitar was delivered today. It is beautiful and worth far more than what I paid for it.  The sound is beautiful, but I have not had an opportunity to do it justice, yet.   My very grateful thanks for the more than expected work which you have done.  I am overwhelmed.

All the Best.

Mike Sigman

mikesigman < at > earthlink < dot >.net

Mike Sigman, Durango CO, USA

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