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Dear Renato

Dear Renato

I have had the guitar for a few weeks now. I wanted to play it extensively before I reported back to you.  Frankly, I am still stunned!  Not only by the guitar but by your caring and generous nature.
The guitar arrived without incident-not a scratch. The top is perfect, back and sides beautiful, the back is spectacular, the sound hole rosette is superb. The radiused neck and 640mm scale allow me to more easily play difficult passages. The 20 fret neck is grand. Takes a little getting used to but I like it.  Besides its beauty, I was pleasantly surprised by the tone. You would expect a Spruce top to be bright and edgy, but this guitar has a mysterious dark round sound that’ s especially noticeable in positions 7-10 in the basses and also in the treble and basses in the lower positions. . Must be the Ziricote(?)  The sound is mellow like a cedar top. Totally surprising and very desirable. What can I say?  I love it!
It always amazes me in a different way every time I take it out of the case.  When this guitar ages and “opens up” it will be amazing.
Thank  you very much for all of your efforts on my behalf.  I am retiring in 5 weeks and am looking forward to many countless hours with this beauty.
By the way how much do I owe you for the gig bag it shipped in?