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Mangore is Maestro Renato Bellucci classical guitar website designed to teach classical guitar to players that can benefit from these pages from any country around the globe thanks to the internet. Mangore.com is designed for players of all levels and offers a very easy to use platform for students to interact, lear and master the Classical Guitar Repertoire thanks to the help provided by HD videos, a thorough Classical Guitar Technique Compendium based on Abel Carlevaro technique, in depth study of Music Theory and, most importantly direct access to Maestro Bellucci live and personalized teaching advice through mail and messaging.

Guitarist Renato Bellucci is the creator of every single page and he is constantly adding new pieces to the magnificent 200+ Classical Guitar all-time classics collection presently available to his students online. The collection also includes exclusive transcriptions of pieces like Rota's "The Godfather" or Moricone's "Gabriel's Oboe" and the list of classics grows daily. You can suggest a piece to be added writing to Maestro Bellucci at renato@mangore.com. I read each submission and include the most requested pieces in the list of online masterclasses.

The pieces feature all music genres and levels of difficulty and musical style ranging from pieces like JS Bach Chaconne in D minor all the way to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. High Quality Printable scores and over 4,000 HD tutorial guitar videos that explain in depth and eloquently every single staff of every single guitar classic being taught.

Complete classical guitar technique compendium, special guitar techniques and in-depth study and analysis of Abel Carlevaro Technique. An exclusive section for total classical guitar beginners.

Active Members can can contact Maestro Renato Bellucci regarding any aspect of their learning experience. The answer is provided within a few hours. Often, within a few minutes.

*Every single staff is accompanied by video showing close-up fingering and finger mechanics, slow motion video of technique challenges. Analysis of the technique and musicianship explanations. Anatomical drawings, fingernail care, career & concert tips, & an always growing list of classical guitar articles and masterclasses.

Wait no more and join Mangore.com today.

Maestro Renato Bellucci

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