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Hi Renato

Hi Renato

Just wanted to let you know that the latest Bellucci addition to my collection arrived safe and sound yesterday.

I cannot believe how stunning the wood looks in real life (and the photos were pretty damn good too). I have only had time for the shortest of chances to play her and I can tell already that this guitar is going to be a classic. Again, I thank you and you and your team for this masterpiece.

Very best,

Richard, London, UK, August 20, 2014



The guitar has arrived and she is a lovely treasure, a pleasure to behold and play!

Everything works perfectly, no damage, and no fret or sound issues.

I've even recorded a small excerpt with it already:

Overall, I'm quite excited and very happy to welcome this beauty. I look forward to much enjoyment with her.


Joe, Huntsville, Alabama, August 6, 2014



I received the Jupiter Guitar about a month ago and it is out of this world. I will not be seeing my niece for about a week or so she will be heading to school shortly after and she will be surprised when she gets back, I assure you. I couldn't help not tuning it up and playing a it little myself. She and I will have some fun while she is here. God bless and will stay in touch.


Gary Enen, Montana, July 29, 2014

Good Evening Renato,

Good Evening Renato,

It was just a little over a year ago that my  guitar arrived. Erin was a Lapacho B/S with Port Orford
Cedar top. Just want you to know that she has maintained terrific sound through out her entire range, but as she has aged she has attained a absolutely wonderful tab tone. She is everything I had hoped for. Bravo to your great staff. Carry on the great gift that the Lord has given to you.

With much graditude,

Jeri Neiman, Fenton, MI, June 24, 2014



I received the guitar on Monday (Tasmanian Blackwood B/S - Small Body). It arrived safe and sound just like the others.  The shipping box is second to none.

The body is somewhat smaller in size than I thought it would be, however, the sound is quite a bit larger than I thought it would be.  It really projects quite well considering its size, you are not giving up much in overall sound.  The tone is just fantastic as well as the intonation, it really does sound great.  The resonance was another positive surprise, I wasn't expecting it to resonate so well, especially in the upper registers.  I guess that speaks to the combination of the Tasmanian Blackwood and the really tight grained Cedar top. I'm wondering just how great it will sound once the woods have some time to open up.

The scale size suits my hands.  I've really struggled with the stretches I've come across in classical music on a 630, 640 scale guitar let alone a 650 scale guitar.

Thanks again,

Jim LaValle, June 19, 2014

Hi Renato

Hi Renato

I just got her. She is truly amazing, I can't put her down! Thank you so much!


Chris Kassawat, Orange, CA, June 9, 2014

Hello Renato,

Hello Renato,

I just wanted to let you know that the guitar has arrived here in perfect order.

Thank you it sounds great and I will enjoy playing it for many years to come.

All the best Dimitri.

Dimitri, Australia, May 2, 2014

Dear Maestro

Dear Maestro

I just wanted to write to you and tell you about your guitars. I have been playing classicals for two years. I purchased one from you approx. a year and half ago. I am so proud of it....that I keep it in its case all the time, scared I will damage it in some way. I practice on a guitar that is one step above kindling. And I have gotten so use to it.

This weekend I was creating a room just for my guitars. I got my Bellucci out and played it for several hours.. It was so much easier for me to play. The sound was incredible.. It was like I found long lost friend. I am playing it all the time from now on...I just love it...And there is no since owning it if I can't enjoy it...

"Thank You" so much for making me this wonderful guitar.


Debbie Kather, Temple, Texas

Debbie, Temple, TX, USA May 1, 2014

Hi Renato

Hi Renato

I have now had the lattice braced cutaway for three weeks and have set up the action to suit myself.

I am absolutely delighted with her

You said to let you choose the woodsI (Indonesian rosewood and sinker redwood top)and you are right she is awesome!

I was prepared to lose some character in the  basses with the lattice bracing but have lost nothing.In fact I have gained. They are tremendous  with a gutteral woody sound which I love.The mids and troubles are nothing short of fantastic and ring and chime like bells,even at the higher registers.The balance volume and separation are brilliant and the sustain lasts for 10 seconds after playing a chord.She seems to improve in sound and volume by the day.

Due to  the vibration through the guitar when playing,you feel at one with the instrument and you do not want to put her down.If you place the end of a fingernail on the top when playing ,it actually bounces with the vibration around the bridge area.When tuning her each string seems to increase in volume as you hit concert pitch.

I can honestly say that had I ordered this guitar from one of the top end Aussie luthiers I would not have expected to better the

 tone that the Belluci produces.You guys really know your stuff.She also looks great and is beautifully built.

I have a recording of Xufei Yang playing the Bach 101 presto and the sound of my Bellucci is very similar to  her Smallman on the recording which is a terrific compliment to your craftsmanship.

My one criticism ,and this is my fault,is that the armrest for me could be 50mm longer towards the violin tie because I find that my arm is quite often half on and half off when playing.I should have specified this at order stage.

The leather embossed case has attracted much comment as has the guitar itself.

I will be 70 in two months time and I will treasure this guitar for my remaining years.

Please pass my comments to the guys in the workshop.Keep up the good work and all my best wishes for the future.

Bert Sawyer

Bert, USA April 29, 2014

Greatings Renato

Greatings Renato

The Ziricote guitar arrived yesterday and I am impressed by the beauty of all the fine marquetry, wood grain, and colors, simply exquisite.  I have been playing it for several hours already and it is smooth and easy to play, very nice.  I like its unique sound and it resonates well. However it is not as powerful and deep as I had hoped for.  I usually play my 1977 Masahito Oshita, Brazilian Jacaranda with Bavarian Spruce top, a guitar designed by the late classical master Seiko Sesoko.  It is still deep, rich,and powerful, but it is becoming it bit fragile with a couple of small cracks, which is why I wanted a new guitar.  I will give the Ziricote a chance to open up a bit more and see what  sounds she can really produce and maybe I will fall in love with her too.
Please give my thanks to the luthier who made this guitar and thanks to you as well.

Sincerely, Charles, Temecula, CA, February 26, 2014

Hi Renato,

Hi Renato,

My 10-strings guitar is now a little older than 3 years and sounding better than ever!  I've placed a number of pictures of it on my page on newmyspace.com and added a number of recordings made with it.  I'm working on recording Debussy's Reverie in 2 parts which will be note-for-note authentic to the piano score.

Hope the new year will bring more good things to you!

Steve, December 31, 2013, Sweden



I wrote a concerto for two guitars and string quartet in honor of the two guitars I have from you: Adán y Eva in three movements.  It is available on my website.
With best wishes to you and your family.