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My dear Renato

My dear Renato

The custom Da Vinci guitar arrived today in perfect condition, to my and to my wife's delight (we have the same birthday: the day you posted the guitar). The beauty of the guitar is incredible: the posted pictures are great, but  one has to see it "in person" to fully appreciate the artistry that went into its construction.
The grain of the sinker redwood top is perfect: straight, tight, and rich in color. Thank you for choosing it. The rosewood body is elegantly rich and dark, and sober just as I like it.  I like to think that it was part of an old building, and has already spent many years absorbing the sounds of the activities of the inhabitants.

I played several hours today: the sound is terrific already without breaking in, very masculine in character, different from either a spruce or cedar top, just as I wanted. I usually give my guitars feminine names. When the Snakewood guitar arrived last year I mentioned to my wife, Kerry, that it looked as if it were wrapped in the skin of the Serpent: she said I should call it Eve, so I named it Eva. Eva has a rich and mellow voice, like a mezzo-soprano. But I think I will call the Da Vinci guitar Adán: the two guitars make a beautiful pair, contrasting as they do in voice and appearance.

Thank you for the advice on the features to include: The sound ports make it easy to play in spite of background noise, should be a big help playing in ensemble where the other instruments can mask the sound of my own, and in the somewhat noisy environments where I sometimes play. The radius fingerboard is a great help in barring, just as you say. I was surprised how comfortable it is to the hand. The indented cutaway works very well: Barrios La Catedral third movement, next to last measure: the B minor chord with the high B at the 19th fret was easy: very difficult for me on other guitars. I will have to re-learn the feel of where fret 12 is: the
hand moves past it so easily. And the tone in that highest position was bright and clear.

Adán is presently listening to Bach Viola da Gamba concertos to begin the break-in process.
I'm sure I will have more to say later as I gain experience with this wonderful instrument.
Please pass my thanks on to the luthiers who work with you.
Bless you, Renato, you and your family.

Donald, USA, July 23, 2012

Dear Mr. Bellucci

Dear Mr. Bellucci

My guitar arrived two days ago. The shipping crate is impressive, as I'm sure you know. But the shipping crate was merely a shadow of glories yet unrevealed. The tooled leather case is truly a work of art, and deserves special notice for its quality and beauty. Inside the case lay, snug in her maroon velvet wrap, the guitar.

Since her arrival I seem to divide my time looking at her and playing her. I am richly rewarded whether I am looking or playing.

She is wonderful! The craftsmanship and the finish defy description. The cocobolo is beautiful, the marquetry excellent, the finish superb. She speaks with her own distinctive, lovely voice. The sound has a very nice 'silky' quality that is even over all the strings and all ranges of pitch. I am more than pleased with my purchase.

My thanks to you and all the other craftspeople who contributed. You make wonderful guitars; I am blessed to own one.

Thanks again.

Charles Mozer, Arvada, CO USA June 29, 2012

My Dearest Renato

My Dearest Renato

I am just home from my fishing holiday and what was there to great me was my  gorgeous BELLUCCI guitar, she is BEAUTIFUL ! My wife and I just stood and gazed at the beautiful tooled leather case and marveled at the workmanship but when I opened it only such a gorgeous instrument really deserved such a place to rest when traveling as it will be where I cant take my eyes from it.
She is so gorgeous. She sounds and plays beautifully and if it goes any better as it is played in , well that will be an added bonus. Renato, I thank you with all the feelings I have. I also hope to keep in touch from time to time because if I didn't I will feel as though I will have lost a good  friend.
Again Renato thank you. I send my kindness regards and best wishes to yourself and to your lovely family.

Darwen Lancashire, UK, May 24, 2012

Dear maestro Renato

Dear maestro Renato

Today the guitar has arrived: FABULOUS !, Beautiful. My friends were amazed and I'm so excited! I thank you all, a big big hug.

Paolo. Venezia, Italy. May 19, 2012



I played  a bit yesterday (for a mere six hours or so).  The melody within the guitar is nothing short of astounding- I can only imagine (and happily so) what it will sound like in ten years.  C'est belle!

Thank you for your creation.  It is truly a work of art.

Jerry Mc Dade, May 4, 2012, USA



I received the beautiful babe yesterday. Been playing on it this morning some Nice work! What I hear is very solid and full bases. She's a beauty. Thank you!!

Thanks again!

Jim, Austin, Texas USA, May 1, 2012

Hi Renato

Hi Renato

Here's the pictures I said I would take as you can see I am holding the one  just received and it was here a lot quicker than I thought it would be.

It's Beautiful and sounds that way already... time will only make it better.  The Blackwood is on the couch upper left. You are well aware of each one and what types of wood were used in construction and everything that went into them. The snow is finally gone here and no one misses it a cold and miserable Winter it was. Well take care my friend and still no response from Hotel La Mission on reservation.  Take care looking forward to August.

Take care my friend.