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The Making of Bellucci Guitar 1,596: Day 7

The Making of Bellucci Guitar 1,596: Day 7

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of mangore.com, one of the very first classical guitar website in existence with over 3,000 subscribed members the world over. As a celebration gift, I am starting this new section where I will do the pictures and video follow up of Bellucci Guitars built at my home workshop in San Bernardino Paraguay. Roberto is the luthier assigned to Bellucci Custom built 1,596. I consider him one of the most skilled luthiers and definitely a great master using the knife.... We will be building a Moon Ebony B&S, Franquette Walnut top, Mother Pearl/Abalone enhancements for Mike S. in Durango, CO, USA. The guitar studio is located on the hills overlooking Lake Ypacaraí, in San Bernardino, Paraguay. This is a stunningly beautiful place where we build some of the most stunningly beautiful instruments on the planet for the Glory of God. I look forward to your visit. S.D.G.

Contact me if you'd like to have a filmed follow-up of the construction of your Bellucci Custom Guitar renato@mangore.com

Day 1, February 9, 2017. S.D.G.

Day 1, February 9, 2017

On day one Roberto spent nearly 8 hours doing the following work:

1- Bookmatching the top, 
2- Planing the 2 halves of Franquette Walnut top, 
3- Gluing the top, 
4- Routing the Rosette inlay

Roberto has built over 100 Bellucci Guitars since he started with Bellucci Guitars in 2010

Day 2, February 14, 2017

Day 2, February 14, 2017:

On day 2 Roberto spent 5 hours doing the following work:
1- Finished routing the rosette, 
2- Presenting the abalone in the rout  
3- Gluing the rosette,
4-Open the Soundhole

This work requires sanctifying patience.

Day 3 & 4, February 15 & 16, 2017

Day 3

On day 3 and the beginning of day 4, the work took 10 ong hours to complete

-The top is sanded to prepare it for the bracing. 
-The Spruce Braces are cut and prepared
-The Fan brace is kerfed and glued
-The top is kept drying overnight
-The fan brace is sanded

Day 4, Part 2, February 16, 2017, S.D.G.

Day 4, February 16, 2017, S.D.G.

We spent the next 6 hours mounting the remaining struts including the Spanish Style Transversal strut. This is perhaps the most crucial part of guitar construction in that the quality of sound, the unique tone capabilities and the sturdiness of the top of the instrument are defined here.

Day 5, February 17, 2017 S,D.G.

Day 5, February 17, 2017, S.D.G.

Today we bent the sides of the Moon Ebony Cutaway. Proceeded to preparing the tail block and the dove tail receiver of the neck.
In order to bend the sides, the iron is heated to about 350 degrees F. The wood is kept humid to allow for more flexibility and docility. Ebony is a very hard wood to bend.

Day 6, February 18, 2017. S.D.G.

Day 6, February 18, 2017, S.D.G.

On Day 6 we glued the kerf that will hold the top and the back in place, het-bent, finished and glued the stabilizer of the sides. The stabilizer of the sides is our way of achieving solid and stiff sides. This will allow for very little vibration from the bridge to be lost and this in turn will translate in more volume for the instrument.

Day 7, February 20, 2017, S.D.G.

Day 7, February 20, 2017, S.D.G.

We begin the week shaping the Cutaway. Roberto does it with the knife, his #1 "weapon" for the job....
The kerf is then glued and the top is set in place coinciding the slots in the kerf with the struts on the top. Finally, rubber bands are stretched across the top and the top is left to cure.

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