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New African Bubinga Concert Cutaway

New African Bubinga Concert Cutaway

See and Hear Romance & Asturias on this Magnificent Bubinga

Bellucci Guitar serial #1,624 is a truly wonderful instrument. She's inspired in a new series of guitars I will be building starting 2018 where we use existing construction techniques, take them to the next level and introduce new elements to create uniquely stunning instruments. I was immediately struck by the sheer beauty of the many details that make up the construction of this African Bubinga beauty. She was finished early this morning and, immediately after putting the strings on I proceeded to play her and the sound is huge, clear and rich of the most wonderful overtones. I played through 4 different pieces feeling at ease and admiring her clarity, the outstanding 1st, 4 & 6th...  strings... The Melody in Romance stands out naturally whilst the bass creates a powerful and sustained background. They come out natural on the stylized neck of this Bubinga beauty. The same is true with Asturias. She makes the bass progression shine majestically and the right hand finds the string ready to be plucked instantly and the left hand is never strained. The decoration on this African Bubinga is amazing. I used handmade marquetry and united it with abalone linings that took the best part of 40 hours to be inserted one by one like a Renaissence mosaic. The Spanish Cedar top gives her a unique punch that sends vibrations through the player's chest. To say that she is beautiful is the least one can say,...wonderful is a more appropriate adjective. Playability and sustain are the perfect match for the professional player. I put  single abalone marker at the 7th fret and added the 20th fret on the first, second and third strings. The triple neck reinforcement coupled with a thick Ebony fingerboard and the Carbon Fiber Truss Rod enable her to mount any string tension and gauge. You can further customize this beauty at checkout. She comes in an exclusive Bellucci Leather Embossed Hardshell Case. S.D.G. See the HD Images & Specs HERE>>

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