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NEW Bellucci Cedar Top Concert Guitar, Stunning !

NEW Bellucci Cedar Top Concert Guitar, Stunning !

Hear Bach on this Amazing Cedar Top

Indonesian Rosewood is, practically speaking, identical to Indian Rosewood only that the figure it offers is always striking and represents some really intricate swirls and figures in the grain. This Cedar Top must rank as one of the best sounding Bellucci Guitars to date and that says a lot when you consider that she carries Serial Number 1,598. Stunning sound to say the least ! I had to add "expression balloons" to the video to allow you to fully appreciate all her grandeur. I used a fabulous set of Canadian Cedar for the top to make her as Spanish in character as possible. I proceeded to make her a Hauser braced to exploit the vast possibilities of sound that Hauser is capable of producing adding my very own transversal fan brace to enhance the trebles and prolongue sustain. Mr Hauser presented Segovia with a guitar whose sound was simply irresistible. I followed Hauser's blueprint, this guitar is one that speaks to the heart and mind with character and clarity. The voices are very well balanced throughout the fingerboard. The 6th, 5th and 4th strings are full, resonant and with a punch that sends shivers through my body. The trebles and mid ranges are clear and they sing full of life and expression. In Bach Cello Prelude 1, the melody is clear singing majestically above the accompanying bass. I am amazed at every plucking because she is so generous and so resonant. I decorated her using the most delicate marquetry. A colorful yet sober Russian rosette. She is a dream to play thanks to the slim neck and a low action at only 3.5 mm at fret 12 with room to lower it even further. She fills my eyes with beauty and sobriety. A true work of art that will fill your days with joy and beauty. S.D.G.

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