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New Bellucci Guitar In Stock

New Bellucci Guitar In Stock

Hear this amazing Monkeypod Guitar

South Pacific Rain Tree, AKA Monkeypod, conquered my heart the day I first saw pictures of some special sets that were harvested in Malawi. The sets were from a tree that had been tumbled by a powerful Typhoon along with a few Macassar Ebony trees and other beautiful and Rare tropical species. The surprise I did not expect was related to sound. The species was not used by others, not massively at least. I had no references on this particular  Tropical species and all I went with was my gut feeling and my immense craving for beauty which is one of the attributes of God. I am so happy I built this beauty because the resulting guitar will take your breath away. I hope I can get more sets like this in the near future. This beautiful instrument is a pleasure to play. I think the hip word to be used would be "player friendly". I believe that playability always ought to be the main virtue of a musical instrument. It is his virtue that makes a guitar more or less desirable. It's what instruments in general are built to do in the first place: Make the work easier and better. When you add to this that she is tremendously  beautiful you can easily understand why she is a true masterpiece. The bass is full and round and sustains itself gloriously. The mid ranges fulfill your expectations perfectly, the third string especially, and the trebles sing like birds. This beauty was built with love and to honor our Lord S.D.G. See the Description and HD Pictures HERE>>

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