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New Bellucci "Zorro" Custom Guitar

New Bellucci "Zorro" Custom Guitar

The Zorro Guitar Model has been one of my favorite Bellucci guitars since I first envisioned it in 2005. Black guitars had been around for some time but I wanted to escape the easy temptation of using paint to achieve the result and looked for a way of combining different species of tonewoods and marquetry that would deliver the effect leaving the woods in their natural state. Typicallay, different species of Ebony are the woods of choice (Macassar, Moon or Laotian) although I used African Blackwood on different occasions with similarly spectacular results. The top I use normally is Sinker Redwood but having 2 sets of this splendid Laotian variety of Ebony was simply irresistible to me. Decorating her with mother of pearl and the contrasting white Maple marquetry would dress this beauty to perfection. The Zorro Guitar has always projected an image of high-end sophistication. The Zorro model showcases a detail-rich aesthetic and the most refined levels of Bellucci craftsmanship. The armrest is sleek and comfortable and is hand-carved. The Zorro is an all-around versatile guitar and is characterized by a powerful bass response and a warmer and sweet midrange. The binding, purfling, together with colorful abalone shell inlays and trim make her a true masterpiece guitar. The cutaway and the 4-band EQ/Digital Tuner prepare her for any possible musical scenario you can think of. The guitar ships in a Bellucci deluxe Leather embossed hardshell case. The armrest and the violin tie add the few extra dbs to the sound to put her in a class all of her own. She felt natural in my hands from the first instant that I played her. She is extremely easy to play. Sustain and separation of voices is second to none. This beauty was commissioned by my dear friend vOz, his request was that the Blessed Trinityappear "somewhere" on the guitar... I inserted 3 gold spheres in the carved "vOz" on the headstock. S.D.G.
See the HD pictures, Specs and Video HERE>>

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