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New Bubinga B&S Italian Spruce Doubletop, "Aphelia"

New Bubinga B&S Italian Spruce Doubletop, "Aphelia"

Hear This Amazing Bubinga Guitar, "Aphelia"

This beauty started as a dream which I was challenged to make into reality. She had a name, Aphelia, even before I received the first set of wood to make her. She is the vision of my good friend Erik Heinrich. Erik started passing me the specs of what he considered to be a perfect guitar and together, we discussed and jotted down each and every detail of this amazing beauty. Although we first started thinking of a Purple Heart B&S, we soon moved to African Bubinga and decided to build both a Purple Heart and an African Bubinga B&S with slightly different specs and configurations.The amazing Set of African Bubinga was coupled to a stunning Italian Spruce top. This is he wood Antonio Stradivarius used to build his legendary violins. Decorating her had to be a one in million feat and the rosette is one of its most amazing features. She's made using 8 different varieties of roots and burls. Playability and sound had to be perfect. 630mm was the scale we decided upon. Proceeded to make her a Doubletop and a Lattice brace. We added a radiuses fingerboard and an elevated fingerboard. These elements, coupled with the armrest and violin tie, bring out one of the best sounds you can wish for in a classical guitar. In Romance, you can appreciate her clarity the main voice and the sustained bass. Vibrato comes out very easy thanks to the radiuses fingerboard and the tight 630mm action. In Asturias you can flavor her punch and marvelous separation of voices. She is so easy to play that you feel as though you are cheating. By far this African Bubinga masterpiece ranks among Bellucci guitars all time best instruments. S.D.G. See the HD Pictures and Complete list of specs HERE>>

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