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New Custom Indian Rosewood B&S, Italian Spruce Top, Lattice Doubletop "Campana Guitar"

New Custom Indian Rosewood B&S, Italian Spruce Top, Lattice Doubletop "Campana Guitar"

See and Hear this amazing Indian Rosewood Masterpiece

The combination of perfect woods and a perfect sound make her a one in a million concert instrument. The grain on this amazing  Indian Rosewood Concert Guitar is perfectly bookmatched, it possesses a silky texture that when hit by the light changes giving the impression of having 3 dimensional qualities to it. Stunning! Italian Spruce is by far the most "tremendous" wood when it comes to soundboards: Perfect separation of voices and a booming bass. In my playing, I try to convey to the best of my possibilities the huge voice she has and how clear each string rings throughout the fingerboard. The bass is deep and lively and the separation of voices as well as sustain are tremendous. I feel her back and sides vibrate against my chest and she seems to be alive. The doubletop defines each voice perfectly and augments sustain exponentially. The Lattice bracing gives her the special quality to the sound that make her worthy of the name her owner, José, assigned to her "Campana", Bell. The decoration of her lines is perfect and it enhances her gorgeous curves and the way each piece of wood matches with the adjacent one speaks of a guitar built with love and mastery. Romance is an excellent workbench and it allows you to appreciate her amazing presence. Ease of play and a swift action thanks to the slight radiused fingerboard and the slim Bellucci neck and the 630 mm scale. Cavatina sounds majestic with a perfect separation of voices that only Italian Spruce can deliver. The double soyndport delivers a perfect monitoring of the sound and it looks gorgeous allowing to peak at the interior of the instrument with ease. S.D.G. See and Hear the HD Pictures and Specs HERE >>

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