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New Custom Katalox Guitar, "The Spartan"

New Custom Katalox Guitar, "The Spartan"

Hear Me Play this Katalox Guitar

My dear friend and colleague vOz Vanelli wanted a guitar to take on the road that would be resistant to the demands of constant travel at the same time not being deprived of the beauty of guitar construction. These were the initial points that led me to inquire about Katalox, a wood that has gained enormous popularity among luthiers. Katalox is one of the densest tonewoods on the planet and it requires a lot of work because of its hardness that is very much in the league of African Blackwood and Paraguayan Lapacho. This typically translates into glassy properties that in our translate into BIG sound. It ranges from violet to deep purple which can turn into Black with time. Katalox is very well known to guitar builders who build quality guitars.  The tonal qualities are similar to Blackwood, and it possesses marvelous sustain. The sound is glassy and christalline. Clarity in all the voices is second to none.  See the HD Pictures and Specs HERE>>

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