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New Monkeypod B&S, Spruce Top Hauser

New Monkeypod B&S, Spruce Top Hauser

See and Hear this Fabulous Bellucci Monkeypod B&S

South Pacific Rain Tree best known as Monkeypod, is one of the best figured tropical woods I have ever seen. I got a few sets along with some Macassar Ebony from Malawi back in 2013. Monkeypod is gaining more and more appreciation in the lathery world and I was one of the first luthiers to use the wood for classical guitar construction. The resulting instruments are so beautiful and sonorous that i simply had to go for more.Beauty is one of the attributes of God. Lorenzo but all my Monkeypod guitars and this is teh third he has built for me since 2012. When you couple the figured back and sides with a sober Engelmann Spruce top and decorate her luxuriously with pearl conglomerate and Rosewood, you cannot get but a stunning instrument.. She is tremendously easy to play and very light. The third and 4th strings stand out from the rest gloriously and this is very rare in a classical guitar. Typically, this characteristic cannot be achieved even when one aims at it, let alone by chance. The bass is full and round and sustains itself gloriously. The mid ranges are perhaps the most striking virtue she possesses, the third string especially, and the trebles sing like a bird. She has the sound reminiscent of a Renaissance vihuela and I think of Romeo & Juliet while I play her. Romance sounds full and clear while Asturias flows majestically as I play the Spanish classic on this gorgeous Monkeypod for the demo video. She was built with love and to honor our Lord. Decorating her was an equally rewarding process. The pearl decoration all around the edges takes her to royalty level. The contrasting pearl/wood marquetry was perhaps one of the best decisions I took in the project. She will reward you for many years. S.D.G. See the HD Pictures, Video and Specs HERE>>

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