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NEW Custom ZEBRAWOOD, Doubletop

NEW Custom ZEBRAWOOD, Doubletop

See and Hear this amazing Zebrawood Doubletop

This amazing Custom Bellucci Zebrawood B&S Doubletop Concert Guitar was built for guitarist Jerry Funchion. It is simply put Breathtaking ! 

The sheer beauty of the amazingly striped Hauser Braced Zebrawood back and sides, coupled with a stunning set of Cedar for the top and using the most exquisite marquetry, brings to life what I consider a masterpiece of Epic proportions. Zebrawood generates a marvelous sound with well balanced deep bass and clear trebles. It is a dense wood that generates a unique set of harmonics and overtones comparable to African Walnut and African Blackwood. I could go on and on trying to convey the amazing sound she's capable to produce. Specialized instrument and woodworking magazine asked me to use the pictures of this amazing guitar to illustrate the possibilities of Zebrawood. A glorious African Wood. 
Cedar possesses the best qualities musicians look for in tonewoods. An amazing separation and punch enriched by the sweetest sound you can dream of. The use of the violin tie and the armrest adds to the sustain and clarity because the top is free to vibrate fully because here is no distortion generated by the forearm touching the top and because eh strings are anchored in a much sturdier part of the guitar. This frees the bridge from the amazing strain that anchoring the strings generates, thus it is fully dedicated to passing the vibrations of the strings to the fan brace. You will spend countless hours admiring the beauty of this masterpiece. There is no an inch on this marvelous instrument that does not speak of love and uncompromised dedication. Matching every part of the construction to achieve a flawless design was a big part of the challenge and I was able to get enough Zebrawood to do the bridge, armrest, violin tie fingerboard and headstock using this stunning species. Jerry wanted her to be a doubletop and this  translates into one of the most amazing guitars sounds we produced to date. Listen how vibrant Asturias sound ! I could feel the body of this amazing doubletop vibrate on my lap generously as I played through the opening Prelude and she would explode in the rasgueado. A true work of art for the ages. S.D.G. See the HD images HERE>>

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