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Indonesian Rosewood Masterwork Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Indonesian Rosewood Masterwork

Indonesian Rosewoood Model IRSRT4

Brown is the color that comes to mind when you are a kid and you are told to color the trunk of a tree. In other words, Brown is the color of wood by default. I have used over 50 different species of wood to build my guitars and this makes me a legitimate authority in the matter. One thing is sure though, the Rosewoods family of trees are typically the best species to sift through. A vast array of Browns can be found among Brazilian, African, Indian, Indonesian and Bolivian (Pau Ferro) & Paraguayan Rosewoods (AKA Palosanto). All types of different grains are also present in the species. All the way from homogeneous browns of different depth to swirly and highly figured sets. Sound-wise, all Rosewoods rank very high. Brazilian Rosewood has been attributed the highest scores but the other members of this sought after species of wood are not to be neglected. The speculation surrounding Brazilian Rosewood and the difficulties associated with trading the wood have made it the target of immense abuse and speculation. Although the wood is definitely a great tone wood, it is also true that it is not worth the hustle often associated with getting the sets. I like to call the Bellucci guitar models built using any of the Rosewoods as "Segovia Model". These are instruments inspired in the legendary Andalusian guitarist playing and sound. Mid to heavy built instruments using the Hauser frame and using a vast array of tops ranging from Spruce, Cedar, Redwood and Kingwood. This type of guitar is what made it possible for Andres Segovia to produce the superlative sound he was so famous for; a sound that cannot be reproduced in today hybrid construction methods. I offer the Segovia model using many different species for the top: Spruce (Italian, German, Engelmann, Sitka), Cedar and Sinker Redwood especially. 

Bellucci Indonesian Rosewood

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1- Position markers:

Add/remove extra Diamond mark: 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 — 600.00

6- Construction of the top:

Add/remove extra Barbero (Flamenco) — 450.00

7- Guitar shape:

Add/remove extra Florentine Cutaway — 434.00

8- Right handed - Left handed

Add/remove extra Left Handed (Left Hand Plucks) — 0.00

9- Scale (fret spacing)

Add/remove extra 615 (Small Hands, AMAZINGLY Comfortable) — 120.00

10- Radiused Fingerboard

Add/remove extra 20 in. Radius — 140.00

11- Type of finish

Add/remove extra French Polish Top, Matte Finish B&S — 450.00

12- Number of frets:

Add/remove extra Acoustic Configuration — 140.00

14- Professional Cases

Indonesian Rosewood B&S

Indonesian Rosewood Masterwork Concert Classical Guitar
Indonesian Rosewood Masterwork