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Indonesian Rosewood B&S African Walnut Top Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Indonesian Rosewood B&S African Walnut Top

Stunning Beaut, Model IRWT1

Indonesian Rosewood Is a tremendously beautiful tonewood. It grows mainly in South East Asia. It possesses the same qualities of its East Indian relative only that its grain is much more spectacular and offers some lively grain that will always leave you in awe. When it comes to sound, Indonesian Rosewood is very stable and it is a wood needing very little pampering and simply keeping an eye on the humidifier will keep it in top shape for many decades. It finishes very well and matures to perfection and reaches its best sound in only 1 year of intense playing. I topped this beautiful Cutaway with a dramatic and very beautiful set of African Walnut. The combination resulted in a truly stunning guitar that will receive a vast array of rosettes and decorative ideas that will all work in conjunction to bring about a truly epic guitar. The basic model will work perfectly with the traditional Hermann Hauser bracing. Still, you can further customize this beauty so as to make your custom guitar a perfect fit for your music dreams. The Lattice with the Doubletop is one of my all time favorite combinations because it makes the guitar perform on all its potential: Bright, well separated sound and sustain to die for. I recommend you take this beautiful instrument into consideration especially if you are looking for a guitar to stick to for life. S.D. G.
Asuncion, June 6th 2021

Bellucci Guitars Construction

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2- Position markers:

Add/remove extra Diamond mark: 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 — 600.00

5- Soundport:

Add/remove extra Double sequential soundport — 150.00

8- Construction of the top:

Add/remove extra Barbero (Flamenco) — 450.00

9- Guitar shape:

Add/remove extra Florentine Cutaway — 434.00

10- Right handed - Left handed

Add/remove extra Left Handed (Left Hand Plucks) — 0.00

11- Scale (fret spacing)

Add/remove extra Buffalo Horn — 66

13- Carbon Fiber Truss Rod

Add/remove extra Adjustable Truss Rod — 499

14- Radiused Fingerboard

Add/remove extra 20 in. Radius — 140.00

15- Type of finish

Add/remove extra French Polish Top, Matte Finish B&S — 450.00

16- Number of frets:

Add/remove extra Acoustic Configuration — 140.00

20- Professional Cases

Indonesian Rosewood Beauty

Indonesian Rosewood B&S African Walnut Top Concert Classical Guitar
Indonesian Rosewood B&S African Walnut Top