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Lacewood B&S, Spruce top Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Lacewood B&S, Spruce top

Beautiful Lacewood from Suriname. Model: LAS020

Lacewood is yet another way that nature uses to show-off her amazing artistic talent. The resemblance of the grain with a reptile skin is stunning. The wood is often called Snakewood.  The shading and tridimensional design will create the reptile illusion to perfection. I cannot separate the clearer woods from Flamenco sound. Not because they cannot perform in the classical music realm but because they offer an edge when it comes to the sound spectrum that allows the instrument to perform in Flamenco music where darker woods simply cannot. The edge consists in that the high frequencies spectrum is wider and that can be invaluable when you play Spanish/Flamenco music. The design of the instrument speaks of art in every part of the construction. Perfectly chosen marquetry that gives the impression that she's been hand stitched. Harmonious color of every wood to blend perfectly into the adjacent one. The Alpine Spruce of the top offers the perfect separation of voices you'd expect and I used Romance to show her amazing lyrical possibilities and Asturias to show her amazing Spanish sounding soul. She's tremendously easy to play with eh action at just 3.5 mm at the 12th fret with room for you to lower it even further should your playing allow. I am amazed at how responsive she is to every minimum change in the angle of attack of the right hand. You can request an adjustable saddle to change the action from classical to Flamenco. An instrument of immense beauty! S.D.G., Asuncion, July 22, 2021

S.D.G. Asuncion, June 23, 2021

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Suriname Lacewood

Lacewood B&S, Spruce top Concert Classical Guitar
Lacewood B&S, Spruce top