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African Wenge B&S, Cedar top Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

African Wenge B&S, Cedar top

African Wenge B&S, Model AFW-C-1

A Myriad of wonderful details are brought together in the creation of this splendid instrument. She was commissioned from Vietnam, neighboring country to my birth country Thailand. I took the custom project at heart and immediately proceeded to ordering every part needed for the project. She had to be a one of a kind and as the stages of construction progressed swiftly, she started coming to life and her stunning buauty was becoming always more apparent. Beauty is one of the attributes of God and beautiful she is. The sober African Wenge back and sides with its deep, dark and contrasting tone is perfectly accompanied by the Western Redcedar top. These make up the canvas onto which the different motifs would then be stacked patiently. And when your project takes nearly 300 hours of work, you know that you are creating a masterpiece. Hundreds of minute pieces of mother of pearl and abalone were embedded in the woods constituing the fingerboard, the headstock, the armrest, bridge and rosette. The floral motifs come to life all around the instrument and a hummingbird is depicted in the middle of the fingerboard. She's perfection. Playability is what every player dreams with. Minimal pressure is required by the left hand and you feel as though you played her for ages. The bass on the 6th string sends huge waves of sound throughout the studio and the sustain that the bass generates is the ideal background onto which the trebles and mid ranges shine marvelously. You can admire her amazing sustain and expressiveness in Cavatina. Perfectly clear and crisp sounding melody and the most stunning separation of voices. In Asurias she's sharp and lively. You feel as though she can take the music to unsuspected heights and she's tremendously responsive to the right hand plucking. A work of art to keep you in stupor for long stretches of time. The inlay work is breathtaking and it requires some of the most skilled inlay artists in orderto to pull it off. S.D.G.

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Add/remove extra Barbero (Flamenco) — 450.00

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