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Macassar Ebony B&S, Sinker Redwood top1 Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Macassar Ebony B&S, Sinker Redwood top1

Allow me to introduce this great Masterpiece. Model: ME-SR-2

As the year is in full force, this amazing Macassar Ebony jewel decided to crown our workshop by bringing about all the beauty, powerful sound and playability that this South East Asian species is known for and guitarists dreams about all their lives. Macassar Ebony has always been one of my favorite tonewoods since I first used it some 10 years ago -late 2004-. This amazing set was spotted by one of my best wood suppliers in South East Asia. He spotted the set in the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, a large Paradisiac island near Borneo and Sumatra. Sulawesi is one of the largest Islands in the world. The set was spotted in late January and the pictures were mailed to me to see. I confirmed that I was VERY interested and, 3 weeks later, I had the set in my workshop. It is simply spectacular. It was extracted from a tree that hand fallen after a major Typhoon over 14 years ago. Some of the most spectacular woods are harvested in Sulawesi and I was able to snap 4 fabulous sets… 2 spectacular Indonesian Mango sets, 1 "Typhoon" Macassar Ebony set and a fabulous Monkeypod set. The tap tone was perfect and I knew that the resulting guitar would sing like a bird. Gorgeously tight grain and a figure seldom seen made me start dreaming of the fabulous guitar I would build with her from the very beginning of the project. I Decided to use a splendid set of 180 year old Sinker Redwood for the top simply because I knew that the contrast between the parts would contrast to perfection with the wild, ferocious figure of the Indonesian back and sides. I was right not only because she looks great but also because the amazing combination of woods brings about an instrument that possesses the most amazing bass with a punch and sustain that is hard to be put into words. Sinker Redwood passes its marvelous characteristics of perfect separation of voices and warmth to the instrument. She's got power and the most amazing crystal clear trebles. That is why I decided to use Gabriel's Oboe and Chorinho in order to display her amazing warmth, livelihood in the sound & unbelievable sustain. There is not an inch on this beauty that will not mean an immense pleasure to your eyes. Everything from the splendid Handmade marquetry and rosette and the matching bridgeThe myriad details that bring her to life will make you treasure this masterpiece of nature and luthery as she deserves. You will fall in love with the marvels that human craftsmanship can do when the best of nature is put in the right hands. I baptized her "Typhoon guitar" because we could not have built this beauty should have Sulawesi Island not have been hit by a Pacific monster some 13 years ago... S.D.G.

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