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Monkey Pod B&S, Bastogne Walnut top Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Monkey Pod B&S, Bastogne Walnut top

Da Vinci, Model: MP-BW-1

My wife and children could not hold the exclamations and admiration that she inspires. She will literally blow you away when you see her in the real. What a sound ! What a presence ! What amazing beauty! The set of aged Java Monkeypod presents a stunning design where nature shows off her unique artistic talent. The bookmatch of the back creates the shape of a heart and that is the origin for her name: "Heart Guitar". I embarked on a wonderful journey that took 225 hours of intense labor and the passion of true artists of luthery and guitar playing. I mounted a Bastogne Walnut top I imported fro Oregon Wild Wood to make her perfect. Powerful yet clear and tremendously expressive. The bass is catapulted powerfully as I play Romance and the Bach Prelude. She sings the bass line like a Cello. Romance showcases her virtues in definition, perfect separation of voices and outstanding sustain and projection. She's amazing! The Bastogne Walnut top adds sweetness and an everlasting sustain that puts this species apart from all the other guitars you may have heard to date. Clarity in the trebles and a myriad harmonics to make you feel like in Heaven. The contrapuntal notes that are present throughout the work and shine in the harmonic pedal. The new Da Vinci design brings out the best sonority in a guitar and is marked by the exclusive Walnut Lute type rosette. The turtleshell style marquetry is a touch of exclusivity that she deserves as a part of my limited edition series. The top resembles the wrinkled page out of an old book. One amazing touch of artistry after the other. The special Hauser with enhanced fan brace on the trebles side. Last but not least the radiused 640 mm action that makes playing so much easier all throughout the fingerboard. The arpeggio moves clear on top of the bass line creating the epic melody by the anonymous masterpiece. She's Very easy to play thanks to the stylized neck and low action. S.D.G.

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