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Ziricote B&S, Figured Port Orford top  Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Ziricote B&S, Figured Port Orford top

Model: Z-PO-1

Allow me to introduce to you a true Masterpiece worthy of the best adjectives when it comes to beauty & presence of both sound and looks. She is perfect in every way. For starters she will completely take your breath away the minute your eyes meet her for the first time. The perfect mix of the Belize Ziricote on the back and sides with its typical prehistoric looking reptile type of grain mixed with a stunning highly figured Oregon Wild Port Orford Cedar top is perhaps one of the best complementations of woods I have come up with to date. A delicate Cocobolo binding that sends out a special light and the most exquisite handmade marquetry merges all the parts together in what could be summarized as the sum of an endless number of minute details each one filled with love and passion. It took over 180 hours of patience labor to manufacture this splendid Zizicote guitar. She is a dream come true. The minute I tuned her up to make the demo videos I knew I was embracing a winning instrument on all fronts. Below you can see a stack of Ziricote wood ready for export. She feels so natural and easy that I cannot believe I am playing her for the first  time. The stretches in Cavatina come out easy and the left hand is always relaxed thanks to the thin 640mm radiused neck. The bass is generous and sonorous sending powerful vibrations through my chest and the trebles sing gloriously. The way she sustains the sound is every guitar player's dream come true. The Ziricote violin type anchoring allows the top to vibrate generously and it also translates in ease of play for the right hand that finds the string ready under the fingertip at lightning speed. The Ziricote armrest on the other hand prevents the forearm to interfere with the vibration of the top thus adding a few decibels here as well. Finally, the vintage style bronze tuners add the vintage touch to an already spectacular guitar while ensuring the most precise and smooth tuning. The cutaway, the 1.5 cm shallower body and the slim neck make her tremendously easy to hold and play. She ranks as one of my all time favorite Bellucci guitars.

Video of the actual guitar being sold

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1- Construction of the top:

Add/remove extra Barbero (Flamenco) — 450.00

3- Position markers:

Add/remove extra Diamond mark: 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 — 600.00

4- Right handed - Left handed

Add/remove extra Left Handed (Left Hand Plucks) — 0.00

5- Scale (fret spacing)

Add/remove extra 615 (Small Hands, AMAZINGLY Comfortable) — 120.00

6- Number of frets:

Add/remove extra Acoustic Configuration — 140.00

11- Professional Cases

Add/remove extra Professional Humidified/Pressurized Case (USD 560)

12- Radiused Fingerboard

Add/remove extra Buffalo Horn — 66

20- Mother of Pearl inlay work