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The Carmelite Guitar Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

The Carmelite Guitar

"The Carmelite Guitar", Model CCGC

This Marvelous Hard Maple B&S guitar is a stunning instrument from every angle. My family & I decided to donate this gorgeous guitar to The Carmelite Nuns of Asunción. Sister Maura and a few other sisters from the Carmelite monastery are learning how to play the guitar with my daughter Chiara (Image below) and we simply could not resist the urge to give these generous women a token of our deepest appreciation for their immense love and generosity. In the Image, Chiara is teaching guitar at the Carmelite Monastery of Asunción Paraguay.

Sister Maura emanates goodness and you can see the image of Jesus in her every gesture and word. "Chiquitunga" is the name of a Carmelite nun who is undergoing Canonization in Rome having reached the status of Blessed last June. My family and I decided to donate 30% of the proceeds of the sale of each "Carmelite Guitar" to the Carmelite Monastery of Asunción. In the image Mother Raquel  and sister Maura  are admiring Chiquitunga Guitar and the S.D.G. written inside.

It is our way to give back a little. The contrasting Black and White handmade marquetry that I alternated all over bring out her amazing curves and crown as the Queen that she is and are emotive resembling, the Carmelite vest. Maple is in my opinion if not the best one of the 3-4 best tone woods on the planet. Price wise, it is by far the best and the wood adapts perfectly to every climate on Earth.  The Gorgeous Hard Maple  brings stunning visual appeal to this Bellucci Guitar model. The blonde  body is accompanied by marvelous Ebony marquetry to create the contrast I was looking for. The Spruce top color-matched with the Hard Maple creates a perfect visual harmony. The sound will simply blow you away. She has a huge sound with a bass that sends a big punch all around and you will feel her body vibrate generously with every plucking of the right hand. The trebles are perfect and the mid ranges accompany the sound shortening the gap between the sustained bass and the crystal clear trebles. You can appreciate the generous sustain in Romance and Asturias as well as her amazing punch which is always in centerstage when the music demands it. She comes with a deluxe hand Embossed Leather hardshell case. Worldwide shipping is included. She is simply put perfect ! I was recently interviewed and give my testimony on behalf of Chiquitunga for the ongoing film "Chiquitunga".

See and Hear this amazing Maple Guitar, "Chiquitunga"

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