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Black & White Ebony B&S Concert Classical Guitar
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Bellucci Guitars

Black & White Ebony B&S

The White Tiger. Model: BWEG

It is very hard to put into words how beautiful this guitar is. Stunning is perhaps the word that does more justice. I had been on the lookout for a good set of Black and White Ebony for quite some time and when I was finally given the chance to get two sets, I did not hesitate an instant and immediately contacted those customers and players that have purchased One-of-a-kind Bellucci Guitars in the past and, just as I thought, they responded with a rotund "Yes !" when I offered them the possibility to build with this stunning and extremely rare Tropical Tonewood. Black & White Ebony comes from Cambodia and Laos (Thailand) Mainly. It is often referred to as Laotian or Cambodian Ebony.  The grain is marvelous and beautifully book matched. A White Tiger is the feline that immediately came to mind when I first saw the set and that is the reason I called her "The White Tiger". I decided to make a Black & White construction from beginning to end in order to keep the Tiger Motif in center stage. This beauty was commissioned by my great friend and Bellucci Guitars unconditional supporter vOz Vanelli, from Tupelo, MS USA. Voz requested a radiused fingerboard, 630mm scale for ease of play (boy is she easy to play !), Onboard Electronics, the Indented Cutaway for ease of play up to the 14th fret, Violin tie and Armrest for prolonged sustain and to avoid interference from the forearm with the top. vOz name carved on the headstock and a detail in honor of the Blessed Trinity Voz is so devout of. I opted for an 18Kt mount for 3 Birmanian Rubies that I placed inside the O in the headstock. This makes her even more worthy of the S.D.G I typically sign my guitars with. The sound was the final gift that this marvelous instrument gave me this afternoon when I tuned her to make the demo video. What a sound ! What ease of play. She is what every guitarist dreams to play and the generosity of her sound will literally keep you in awe. S.D.G.

Hear Bach on this Stunning "White Tiger" Guitar

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1- Position markers:

Add/remove extra Diamond mark: 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 — 600.00

2- Scale (fret spacing)

Add/remove extra 615 (Small Hands, AMAZINGLY Comfortable) — 120.00

3- Construction of the top:

Add/remove extra Barbero (Flamenco) — 450.00

4- Right handed - Left handed

Add/remove extra Left Handed (Left Hand Plucks) — 0.00

5- Radiused Fingerboard

Add/remove extra 20 in. Radius — 140.00

8- Professional Cases

Add/remove extra Professional Humidified/Pressurized Case (USD 560)

14- Type of finish

Add/remove extra French Polish Top, Matte Finish B&S — 450.00

15- Number of frets: