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Avoid Injuries, Focal Dystonia etc. Practice Well

Avoid Injuries, Focal Dystonia etc. Practice Well

Learn how to Warm Up Properly for Practice


The hands are said to have evolved from the flipper of a dinosaur fish. A simple enough beginning considering that we can literally do magic with them on our instrument.

A professional guitarists does not need to practice more than 2 hours a day. Among the great Segovia truths, this one stands out: "Those who say that they practice 8 hours a day are either lying or stupid... my practice hours are cubic hours" . If you are stupid, then make sure you read the following article. If you are not, do it anyway. Read more about daily practice here.

Guitar Players and musicians in general ought to be very aware of the fact that their playing apparatus is submitted to strains that if not approached in the correct manner (using the best technique and warming up generously) will most certainly lead to injuries of different kind. The devastation is that typically the only way to cure these injuries is by abstaining from playing altogether and depending on each case, this is always more or less devastating especially if you make a living with the guitar. The typical practice scenario should not be more than 2 hours every day. Those players that claim to practice 8 hours a day probably do so for a few weeks until they hurt themselves and then they stop practicing for months. That is not good. The best way to get about practice is being very consistent and perseverepractice 2 hours EVERY DAY and you will be a maser and you will never hurt yourself. The key words are not "2 hours" but EVERY DAY.

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