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Construction of a Bellucci Guitar

Construction of a Bellucci Guitar

Bellucci Guitars "Masters With The Knife", HD Video 1/9

Bellucci guitars take anywhere between 150 and 300 hours to build depending on the type of construction. 
Following the link below you'll find a description of the steps required to transform wood into marvelously sounding and stunning looking concert guitars. Domingo, Reinaldo, Roberto & Daniel are my luthiers. They build all my concert guitars. Juan Angel is their assistants and luthier apprentices. Juan is the lacquerer. Every master builder works with an assistant and luthier apprentice. They started building guitars at the age of 4 and learned the skill from their father. I know for a fact that no other guitars company has build concert guitars using over 40 varieties of tone woods for the back and sides alone. You'll also be able to see HD videos on how we build concert guitars at Bellucci Guitars. Learn More