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New Bellucci Stradivarius Model, "Tsunao"

New Bellucci Stradivarius Model, "Tsunao"

See and Hear this Stradivarius Model

Japanese Guitarist Tsunao custom ordered this splendid Stradivarius Series Bellucci Guitar a few months ago. Tsunao had a few unique custom requests that payed in dividends. The meeting point between the neck and the body is set at the 14th fret. This feature, added to the indented cutaway, makes playing throughout the fingerboard easy and tremendously relaxed. This is the fist African Blackwood Stradivarius Styleguitar I build and the Adirondack Spruce top allows the guitar sing like few guitars we built throughout the years. The bass sings majestically and is sustained forever thanks in part to the doubletop and the tremendous density of both African Blackwood and Adirondack Spruce. The separation of voices is stunning. Every voice is exactly where it should be. Playability is simply unbeatable. She's set at 3.5mm at fret 12 but can be lowered more than 1 mm depending on the player's plucking style. The pearl decoration on the front edges, added to magnificent touches on the bridge and Violin tie will keep you staring at this Queen for long stretches of time. The lute style soundportallows the Doubletop to emanate the higher frequencies outside the body faster and allows the player to better monitor his playing. The violin tie and the armrest allow the top to vibrate fully whilst preventing the forearm from interfering with the vibration of the top. The Violin Tie removes the tension that comes from anchoring the strings to a much sturdier part of the construction. Thanks to the Carbon fiber truss rod allows you to mount any string tension and brand. The strings are standard length classical strings. This Stradivarius guitar is a Masterpiece that takes guitar construction to a whole new level.  S.D.G. See and HEAR this amazing Guitar HERE >>

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