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New Custom Bellucci Guitar

New Custom Bellucci Guitar

Hear this fabulous Macassar Ebony Guitar

Macassar Ebony is one of the best Tonewoods I have come to work with and it always stuns me because it delivers a full bright and deep sound to the classical guitar. The depth of sound on this beautiful Spruce top will conquer you immediately. The marvelous guitar here depicted was commissioned by Australian player Bob Oort, in June 2017. You can feel her and discover that she is tremendously intuitive to the plucking of your fingers. You will easily find the way around her in order to make the music shine majestically. That is how I felt while playing Romance. It is as though I had always played her. Gorgeous bass and a tremendous clarity. A true Spruce top Queen. Makassar Ebony (Diospyros Celebica), is a species of flowering tree in the family Ebenaceae that is endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Its common name is derived from the main seaport on the island, Makassar. It belongs to the commonly known Ebonies, a tough and extremely resistant wood which is considered by many to be indestructible. It takes at least 3 times longer to bend the heated sides of Macassar Ebony when curving the sides of the instrument. The Top is made with a tremendous cut of Canadian Spruce. One of the most stable varieties of the Engelmann Family which is typically extracted via huge choppers form the Canadian forests. The presence that Engelmann Spruce delivers is tremendous and so is the punch in the bass. Decorating this tremendous guitar was a labor of love and passion where the hand crafted geometric Rosette is coupled to perfection with the marquetry on her sides, the top and edges. The Rosette is made using a myriad of "pixel like" multi colored pieces of wood until the most amazing design comes to life. The same can be said of all the decoration on this beautiful instrument which took 170 hours of passionate work to build. Among Bob's custom choices is an onboard 4-band Equalizer/Digital Tuner. 

S.D.G. See the HD pictures HERE>>

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