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See and hear this NEW Performance Series

In mid 2018 I got my performing career back on track with a quite busy concert schedule that took me to play in such prestigious venues as The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. I then started performing LIVE on a regular basis via the web to the point that I had always less time to dedicate to the construction of my concert guitars. I decided to stick to my top 2 luthiers with whom I build a handful of concert guitars a year using some of the most spectacular woods available on the planet. I implemented a new slim neck and a sloped armrest to facilitatate the work of both the right and left hands. The years pass their toll on a players articulations and, having some of the most skilled luthiers handy, surely comes in handy when it´s time to implement new design and anatomical features on a concert instrument . That is how I started developing the new Signed "Performance Series". These instruments are not only breathtaking from an aesthetic point of view, they are also tremendously easy to play and make paying the most sophisticated musical scenarios run-of-the mill. Such is the case with tis stunning Ziricote B&S with a first class Sinker Redwood top. Decorated using turtle shell and Padauk in the bindings and linings.The punch, clarity and separation of voices is second to none and you can appreciate both in "Asturias" and the "Air on the G string" I perform in the video. S.D.G.

See the HD images HERE >>

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