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New Ziricote Guitar w/ Inlay

New Ziricote Guitar w/ Inlay

Hear this amazing Ziricote Guitar

Splendid is the first word that comes to mind when your eyes lay on the gorgeous Ziricote B&S Sinker Redwood top beauty. She was conceived taking every little detail into consideration, starting with the selection of a great set of Belize Ziricote and a uniquely beautiful Sinker Redwood top from California. Decorating this queen was the next challenge and we decided to add peal linings next to the African Padauk bindings order to enhance her curves. The pearl & abalone inlay was custom made for this particular Bellucci Guitar. The Hauser bracing was done using the transversal strut in the fan in order to augment the separation of voices as well as enhancing the treble and the third string. The overall sound is terrific. She is every player dream-come-true guitar. The neck carries the carbon fiber truss rod as well as the triple neck decoration/reinforcement. I used Vintage style tuners for precision tuning. The armrest is decorated with the same motif as the fingerboard and both the nut and the saddle are made in bone. She is a true masterpiece. She is a Limited Edition guitar and will carry the Limited Edition Bellucci Gold Seal. See the full description HERE  S.D.G.