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New Zizicote Cutaway, Perfect Guitar !

New Zizicote Cutaway, Perfect Guitar !

See & Hear this amazing Zizicote Cutaway

This amazing Ziricote Guitar will stun you!

I was simply amazed this morning when I saw this marvelous Ziricote beauty receiving her final polish. She definitely ranks among Bellucci Guitars all time best instruments. The marvelous Belize Zizicote coupled with a unique Moon Ebony top make this guitar a true work of art. The figure on both the Moon Ebony and the Zizicote are a work of art on mother nature's behalf that can always stun me with her amazing artistry. I seldom have the chance to get a hold of and use Moon Ebony with such figure in guitar construction. I purchased the set along with another one a little over a year ago and I decided to offer this Limited Edition beauty. I am so glad I did because this instrument is simply put a masterpiece. The Amboina Burl rosette is a masterpiece all of her own. The decoration throughout her body makes her an eye candy. The sound she puts out is full and tremendously clear. The bass is round and sustained. The trebles are clear and transparent. The mid ranges bring the bass and the trebles closer in what I define as the perfect guitar sound. Playability is a dream come true. An easy and swift action only 3.3 mm high at fret 12, make her a pleasure to play and the armrest allows for the right arm to present the fingers at just the right angle whilst allowing for the top to vibrate fully unhindered by any type of interference from the forearm. The vintage style Bronze tuners complete her harmonious looks. I mounted onboard electronics and all you have to do is plug her to an amp and you can amplify her to your liking. I placed 2 diamond position markers at frets 5 & 7, A truly stunning guitar ! S.D.G. See the HD & description pictures here >>

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