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Stéphane Werder, Bellucci Representative for Europe

Stéphane Werder, Bellucci Representative for Europe

Stéphane Nicolas Werder, is a great friend, top musician and my Partner and Representative for Bellucci Guitars in Switzerland and throughout Europe. His Website is now operative in German and you can visit it HERE by. Stéphane has traveled the world several times over and owns some great instruments but it was not until he ran across Bellucci Guitars that he realized that he had found, in his own words, the Holy Grail of Classical Guitars. Steph is a laid back and gentle person. He is an animal lover and is pursuing a diploma in animal communication. He is a pure breed musician and sports car lover. Stephan started playing at the age of 6. This fact alone makes him a 50 year old guitar vet.

He started off playing nylon stringed instruments exclusively and only started playing electric guitars at 12 years.  Steph has attended a few schools and guitar teachers intermittently and intensively.  

Nevertheless, Steph considers himself mostly self taught.  Music has always been that part of Steph’s life that brought balance to all the other activities in his life. “When I play the guitar, I'm in my element” are Steph’s literal words. He uses music to meditate and heal.


Steph is a a top performer and loves to improvise at the guitar. 

He feels  at home with Flamenco, South American grooves, Jazz and other styles. When it comes to the electric guitar, Steph  loves fusion Jazz and Rock n’ Roll. 

He has a beautiful collection of top class instruments and his Bellucci Guitars crown his Nylon string portion of the collection. 

Contact Stéphane & schedule a visit 
Stéphane Werder, Basel Switzerland.
+41 79 865 86 02
@: info@mangoreguitars.ch