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The Truth about why Renato Bellucci has Loyal Customers. By Bruce F. Hedge

The Truth about why Renato Bellucci has Loyal Customers. By Bruce F. Hedge

I have asked Mr. Renato Bellucci to post this on the first page of his website, because I believe a great injustice has been done.
Bruce F. Hedge
Bruce Hedge is a retired CEO of National Tech Labs, Inc.. He lives in Boise, Idaho, USA with his wife and family. During his 20-year tenure as C.E.O., Bruce oversaw operations and strategic planning for technical testing and small parts manufacturing. Bruce has been a life-long inventor and he enjoys the outdoors. He has been a guitar enthusiast from a young age and enjoys playing flamenco and classical guitar. He holds a Bachelors degree in finance and accounting from the University of Montana with post graduate studies at Boise State University. Most important to Bruce are God, and everyone's family. He believes all that is good is to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Truth about why Renato Bellucci has Loyal Customers
Renato Bellucci and his guitar business have been under attack for many years, yet, his business still thrives because his loyal customers are very aware of his integrity and the quality of his guitars. 
Let me tell you why I am writing this, and then, who I am.
About 6 months ago, I was about to buy a Bellucci guitar and decided to do a little research before I actually purchased it. I had never spoken to Mr. Bellucci and had found out about his guitars with a simple google search -something like "best guitar images" which then led me to his website.
After much comparing and shopping with other manufacturers, I decided that I preferred the Bellucci guitars. So, before I bought, I did a little research online to see what people's opinions might be.
I was stunned to find that in some limited circles, there were harsh words circulating about Renato's guitars, and, being very busy with many other things in my life, I almost withdrew from any consideration of buying from him. I could see in pictures that his guitars were gorgeous, but I was very concerned about reputation and quality.
I took the time to check myself and found that His guitars are absolutely meticulous and correct in all areas of their construction and that is only the beginning of what I found.
My name is Bruce Hedge, I am 65 years old and am a retired C.E.O., living in Boise, Idaho, USA.
I have learned through experience to be thoughtful and to pray for wisdom, especially if the press and the court of public opinion is involved.
So, I prayed for insight, in the name of Jesus.
I was compelled to look deeper because the harsh words seemed to stem from a singular, and perhaps undeniable mistake. So looking deeper, to my surprise, what they were still talking about was a very old mistake from many years ago.
It appeared to be a rather simple mistake (some details about guitar construction and techniques that supposedly were not right), but arguably the mistake seemed no larger than any man's new business might make. I could also see evidence that Mr. Bellucci had made some attempts to resolve and rectify with the accuser.
Something just didn't seem right and I looked and researched further and I found documents online. It appeared that Renato had indeed tried to make things right. So I asked myself, why did such a thing, from so many years ago still circulate?
My small and limited investigation, and my careful judgement, revealed that someone had magnified things with passion with the sole purpose to do harm. To me, it seemed obvious and malicious; it looked as though someone was using printed materials and circulating and promoting them through American guitar forums. It was apparent, that the impact of the printed materials was then enlarged and added to the gossiping of members who by their own admissions, had never even seen a Bellucci guitar.
Another thing seemed clear: those who spoke up in favor of  Bellucci guitars (and actually had his guitars) were very reserved and said mild things as if afraid of a powerful bully. They said mild things like..."...well, maybe each is entitled to their own opinion", or, "...it's just my opinion, but I like my Bellucci guitar".
I observed that those mild positions were often immediately out-gunned by very obnoxious, trouble-making, accuser-responses. It was so odd, so I asked, is it in any way valid? As I investigated, Mr. Bellucci's credibility and his guitars, it actually led me to look closely at the accusations and the accusers.
It became distinctly noticeable to me and it is now my considered opinion that the reputations of Mr. Bellucci and the Paraguayan luthiers as well, were purposely and maliciously attacked and smeared. And that once started, the gossip was promoted and then took on a life of it's own -complete with wild exaggerations and false additions.
So why did someone promote this? was someone so badly injured by a guitar problem that out of the goodness of their heart they had to save the world from any potential of future guitar problems? Because if so, what about Martin guitars that are so highly prized -are not most of their old necks bent, with topwoods buckled and cracks rampant throughout? Why Mr. Bellucci and Paraguay, why would anyone go to this extent and did they benefit somehow?
Personally, I'd love to have some of those early Bellucci guitars. There weren't many made; will they be collectors items tomorrow?
As for the guitar I bought from Mr. Renato Bellucci....WOW!
I had the guitar inspected by a testing facility here in my home town -it is meticulously correct in every facet of construction. Woods are master-grade and aged, and the detail and hand-craftsmanship are superb.
I have a very discriminating eye for detail and an experienced musical ear for hearing; this gorgeous masterpiece is the best sounding guitar I could possibly hope for!
And I do love that Mr Bellucci had the guts in this compromised, "politically-incorrect" and worldly-world to declare this guitar in writing, "All the Glory to God" (S.D.G.,Soli Deo Gloria) 
It is my personal opinion, that the worldly minions who love money and power put those things first, rather than any forgiveness or any desire to be merciful to help their neighbor. They grind their teeth to serve their own goals. Of course, it is, "ahem" for the good of the people. They absolutely delight in destroying anyone who gets in the way of their agenda, let alone someone who is so self-righteous as to profess a belief in the one and true God -how politically incorrect and vulnerable can one be to sign every guitar on it's interior (right in its heart), "All the Glory to God"?
The result of the unfair and prolonged attack upon Mr Bellucci and his Guitars has caused a great loss, a great harm and a great and prolonged damage, yet he survives for good reasons, he really does make great guitars, in all respects.
However, it is a loss to Paraguay because the company should have gotten much bigger, it would have had a much greater market share. The promoted attacks seemed very personal and angry in nature, and I believe the workforce of skilled and humble workers (and their families) in Paraguay are some of the main victims. These luthiers are willing to work relentlessly with skillful hands for wage, and these workers can and do create absolutely gorgeous, finely-crafted instruments. 
After the purchase I have been getting to know Mr Bellucci by mail and conversation, and he has not asked me for a recommendation. He did not ask me to write this, and he did not have any input in what I have written. He doesn't even complain -he just tries to get better, makes better guitars, and forgives everyone for everything.
It becomes evident as I speak to and interact with him, that Renato Bellucci is a humble and true believer and that he lives his life by example. I sincerely believe that he is not serving a hidden agenda; he continues to express to me that he will respond in only one way: ..."by continuing to do his very best to please customers and to pray for the accusers."
It is however, my perspective and belief that nothing seems to delight "worldly powerful men" more, than to point out any mistakes by such a man as Mr. Bellucci.
Yet through it all, as Mr Bellucci's business suffered and his clients turned away, he kept building guitars for those who still trusted in him and they are now coming back in increasing numbers with even more orders. During this whole process, I found no evidence that Mr Bellucci even once resorted to name calling or accusations. It appears that he has merely focused on building consistently better guitars, and took the abuse while "turning the other cheek" and (I'll say it again) praying for his accusers.
As it is written, those who claim "liar" or "hypocrite" upon a man, should know they will be judged by their own words.
My message is simple; Mr Bellucci's guitars are fine...very fine, indeed. Ignore any gossip or slanderous promotions. These are extremely well-priced masterpieces, and they are made with uncompromising quality. I know.
Bruce F. Hedge, Boise, ID, USA