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Carlevaro Technique

Getting the elbow by the side

Throughout the Masterclass series on mangore.com you will read me referring to "Get the Elbow by the Side". This is literal. As the elbow comes in contact or close to coming in contact with the side of the body fingers 3 & 4 become "longer" and reach with greater ease the notes in the bass (4th5th and especially the 6th Strings).

Using the playing apparatus in its entirety (shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand) will help you achieve greater control of your technique and most importantly will help you minimize or eliminate completely all undesired string squeaks

The "old school of guitar" was very much finger centered and the guitar player was missing big time for neglecting, at least in a conscious manner. the more effective and more precise complementary work of the shoulderelbowforearmwrist and hand. These can make playing much more secure especially when applying fijación which is a technique that implies the annullation of smaller muscle groups in favor of larger more powerful and effective muscle groups.

The work in conjunction of all the moving parts (even the body) was the focus of Abel Carlevaro approach to technique. Carlevaro students are known the world over for having a flawless technique and for not producing undesired string squeaks. 

Below is an example from Sabor a Mi....


SABOR A MI Staff & Video #7

Study the piece here

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