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Special Techniques

Micro and Macro Relaxations

It is essential that you learn how to relax as you play or practice. Music making is a constant balance between work and non-work. Just as the silence between the notes is as important as the notes themselves, so is the absence of work or relaxation between periods of work. As you play a musical passage, a certain amount of energy is produced and unless it is used in its entirety by the hands, it will accumulate in the form of tension. Your playing will suffer by making you sound tense. Pain will also start building up. Learn how to apply the skill whether the piece is one that generates a lot of tension in the hands or not. What is important is that you are very aware of everything that is happening in your hands and that you take corrective action on a constant basis.

Explaining Relaxations: Video

Relaxations are divided into 2 groups depending on the time you have to apply them. They are referred to as MICRO RELAXATIONS when you only have a few seconds or less to apply them and they are referred to as MACRO RELAXATIONS when you have more time at your disposal like at the end of a musical phrase or at the end of a section or part of a piece.

To apply RELAXATIONS is so important that you must write it on the score whenever they apply. They must be incorporated in your playing along side the notes.


Below is another excellent example of a relaxation. I use it in Queen's "Love of My Life" staff #5.

Love of my Life, Relaxation

Relaxation Animation

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