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1: Luxury

Super package: Guitar course, lessons, 1 week stay at 5 stars hotel
US$ 2,919


Comfort guitar package
US$ 2,300
As of April 2009, I am offering these 2 Guitar Course PACKAGES. I offer it to guitar students worldwide that decide to come to Asuncion and study with me for a week. 

All it took was an encounter with my dear friend and guitar lover Branco Vuckovich who owns one of South America's finest Hotels: La Mision. A theme hotel inspired in the Jesuit ruins that are a major Paraguayan landmark. The hotel is 8 blocks away from my guitar studio and 2 blocks away from the best shopping, movie theaters, banks and supermarkets in town.  Staying at La Mision will contribute in making your stay an unforgettable one. I go there often for drinks and top quality lunch or dinner. Branco reduced the daily stay from 180 US$ to 125 for my students. 

Hotel Boggiani is a great option for those who look for comfort at a very affordable price. It is very nice and comfortable and even closer to my guitar studio than La Mision (See map to the left). The hotel is right in front one of the best supermarkets in town and 3 blocks away from he main shopping centers.

I lowered the price of my Brazilian rosewood lattice braced with leather case from 3,000 to 1500 (you can still customize part of it at checkout) and lowered the week intensive course from 490 to 390 US$. The package is simply irresistible. Should you opt for a Custom guitar, I will offer a 20% discount. The offer is limited and you must contact me to secure date for the masterclasses and reserve the hotel.  Contact me

Study with Renato Bellucci

      I have been playing classical guitar for about 10 years and began with huge enthusiasm. I studied in the Uk and Ireland but unfortunately ran into a teacher in Ireland obsessed with 'traditional' ways of learning the guitar. He made me play scales, arpeggios and Sor studies ALL THE TIME. My music reading and technique did develop but I lost the desire to play... Then earlier this year I decided to go to Paraguay and study with Renato on an impulse. What a difference! He immediately made playing the guitar fun again and reminded me that technique is at the service of music, not the other way around. No technical studies, real pieces and little bits of techniques to solve real problems.  I also bought the love of my life whilst in paraguay, a Mangore concert guitar. Worth every penny and now I must play 2 hours a day minimum. A great teacher, great site and I can vouch for Renato, his family, Asuncion and Paraguay as a great place to visit. Subscribe, buy a guitar and go there - it's worth it. John Burton, Ireland 

       I was first drawn to Renato's website because of the logical way that he analyses the music, in particular, I found that most of the fingering immediately felt right and made sense.
By spending 2 weeks with Renato in Paraguay I have, first hand, experienced his superior teaching skills and willingness to share his vast knowledge of guitar playing at the virtuoso level. He helps one learn to teach oneself, rather than imposing a particular structure that one has to follow. Ulf  Osterberg, Sweden

     Renato: I have just arrived to Seattle where I gave a concert yesterday. The lessons were of a high value for me and I thank you for shedding light to my knowledge and technique with your wise advice. It was an unforgettable week. A big hug for you, Belén and the children. Your friends, Alfredo and Rosemarie Alfredo, USA

     Renato: After seven years of classical guitar, my practice was becoming mundane and tedious.  I decided to visit Renato in the hope that he could rekindle my passion for this beautiful instrument.  The first five minutes of our first lesson convinced me that I made the right decision.

Renato did not treat me as an ignorant student, but as a fellow musician with whom he wanted to share all the things that he has learned.  His enthusiasm was contagious and made each session a lot of fun! 

One of my concerns was that I was not making good progress, in spite of long hours of practice every day.  There was some kind of barrier that prevented me from going forward.  After carefully observing my playing, Renato gave me  some very specific suggestions for overcoming my problem.

Andreas in my Asunción studioHe explained how to reduce stress in the left hand  and how to increase the range of motion by pivoting at the wrist.  He also talked about the critical role that the right hand has in preventing errors in playing.  And he showed me a right hand fingering technique that is deliberately ignored by most Western teachers.  Renato gave me practical advice which will no doubt vastly improve the way I play.

My visit also gave me the opportunity to see and play many of Renato’s  excellent guitars.  He is very meticulous about maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship, and is not afraid to take advantage of new developments such as double tops, lattice bracing, and acoustic ports.

It was also very helpful to experience playing different scale lengths.  The standard 650 mm scale is no longer the only choice.  Renato’s guitars have a beautiful rich tone coming straight off the bench.  I can only imagine how great they will sound when they open up. 

Thanks again for your help.  If any of your students are considering a trip to Paraguay, I’ll be happy to exchange e-mails with them.

Andreas, USA

My week course of studying the guitar in Asuncion

Before I chose to come down to Paraguay to study with Renato, I had already managed to buy one of his magnificent handmade classical guitars. This was my first acquaintance with Mr. Bellucci, and that guitar took me a great step further in to the sound of an classical instrument.
 When I first started playing classical guitar a 1 1/2 year ago I was blank on how to produce a steady and good sound (with R-Hand), in various ways and how to do all these things in a secure way.
          In the period (well over a year) prior to my visit to Asuncion, I had managed to do quite essential work on how to play the classical way. But I was feeling a bit like a stumbler in the dark, and by the time I was ready to go there, I really felt I needed some advise and support on my classical playing. So the timing was also very fortunate for me.

 You know, when travelling to a whole new place (especially if it´s far away, I´m from Norway), maybe you have to travel on your own and so on, then it´s really nice to feel welcomed when you arrive. I even felt as if I was invited to come down, and that along with Renato´s way of being helpful, sorting out with transport and hotel etc. Although far away from home, there was no need to question that this man was there for me providing his best service.
But this was only the start, because if one mix friendliness with wisdom or deep understanding 
one is bound to have a powerful outcome. Such characteristics belongs to true masters, and that is my opinion of Renato Bellucci as a teacher after studying with him for 1 week. 
 Now, I will try to put some of my experiences in to words; the keyword I think, must be respect, because whatever idea or thought I brought out, he always gave space to it, and analyzed it objectively to try to see it´s potential.

Further more, I never felt that I had to give up or change any of my opinions, my approaches, way of playing. But I was fortunate in that way, I could just listen to the concepts of practice, concerting and theories on how to simply get the best out of the guitar. And during listening to him and trying to incorporate these new techniques, as many and as thoroughly I could, in the end of the week my playing was revolutionized. His suggestions corrected my Right-hand technique and took it to a whole other level.
 And he opened my mind on the issues of practicing, progress,achieving results, concerting and led me the first important steps to become guitar-philosophizing and independent problem-solver.
I said it several times already. I am forever grateful for the advises and support Renato gave me during that week. He has truly helped me and my work with the guitar  for a lifetime.

 So, I honestly can recommend a week course with Renato, to everyone who is in some way engaged in the study of guitar playing.  And for those of you choosing to do so, my advise is to do your best effort to incorporate new techniques/concepts into you practice while you´re there. That way, I think you can really maximize your outcome of the week.

 And also the surroundings of this place is awesome. Asuncion is not a very big city (ca 500,000 ), but it has a wonderful atmosphere to it, such of welcoming, sense of freedom, hectic activity, beautiful architecture. All in all, one can really benefit from a visit like this, in many ways, on so many levels.

Idar H. Udal, Haugesund, Norway 18/07-09

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