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Amazing Bellucci Guitars: Page 9

Amazing Bellucci Guitars: Page 9

I am going through thousands of pictures of some exceptional Bellucci Guitars we built throughout the past 17 years. Well over 1,700 concert guitars to date using more than 40 different tone-woods for the Back and Sides alone. I have wanted to do this for quite some time now. I am so glad I have come down to it. Picking up a few Masterpiece guitars, both for the voice and the amazing looks that the woods used passed on to each guitar, was not a simple task. I invite you to click on the gallery image for each guitar and you will be taken to the page corresponding to the guitar in question where you will see its features, video, specifications and the HD images. The factors that most influence the final price are the rarity of the wood employed, the number of hours required by the project, and the custom options that the finished guitar carries. The cost  has little or no impact on the quality of the sound or the finishing of the instrument. The two things run on parallel roads. 

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Custom "Tiger Guitar", March 2022, Model TTCG1

Custom Small Body Concert Guitar, Nov 2021, Model BSB001Bellucci Dragonfly Custom Guitar, Model DG001
Ziricote B&S, Sinker Redwood Top, Model GCSR-11
Zebrawood B&S, Cedar Top, Model ZGCT9
Spalted Tamarind B&S, Italian Spruce Top, Model TGST0
African Walnut B&S, Cursly Sinker Redwood Top, Model WCSRT7

Bellucci Cocobolo B&S, Cedar Top, Model CGCT5
Bellucci Gabon Ebony B&S, Franquette Walnut Top, Model GEFW1
Bellucci Indonesian Rosewood B&S, Italian Spruce Top, Model IRS030
Bellucci Jupiter Guitar, Indonesian Rosewood B&S, Curly Sinker Redwood Top, Model IR-RB-01
Custom Tamarind Back and Sides, Port Orford Cedar Double Top, Guitar Model CTDT-02
All Maple B&S, Stradivarius Model Doubletop, Model QM-ST-1
Maple Back and Sides, Italian Spruce Top, Guitar Model MB-STB
Black &White Ebony B&S, Italian Spruce top, Doubletop, Model BWEG
Brazilian Rosewood B&S, Maple Top, Da Vinci Series, Doubletop Model BR-QM-1
Bellucci Pau Ferro B&S,Western Redcedar top, Guitar Model PFC010
Bloodwood B&S, Italian Spruce top, Model BL001
Bellucci Spanish Cypress B&S, Italian Spruce top, Model FGS01
Bellucci Coyote B&S, Sinker Redwood top, Model CST01
Gabon Ebony Back and Sides, Italian Spruce Top, Guitar Model ZGBL
Bellucci 10-Strings Spanish Cypress B&S Italian Spruce top, Model 10SC01
Bellucci Brazilian Rosewood B&S Cedar top Model BR241

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