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Piazzolla Astor Adios Nonino

Piazzolla Astor, "Adios Nonino"

New Guitar Transcription

Astor Piazzolla is without a doubt one of the greatest composers of all times. A pure breed Italo/Argentinean Bandeon player, Astor composed some of the most memorable and electrifying Tangos ever. Libertango is perhaps one of the most played Argentinean pieces ever. "Adios Nonino", Goodbye Granpa is one of my favorite compositions with a grand Tango style opening and staggering rhythms that lead into the most beautiful melody you can imagine. Tenderness, nostalgia and love are present in this memorable passage and it speaks to the heart. You will have to work slides and fast position changes to master this beautiful work and use your playing apparatus very intelligently in order to grasp and broadcast the amazing spirit of this work. The intelligent use of the open strings will allow you to diminish the gap in the many position changes that the work demands. You will have to keep your breathing constant and allow for both micro and macro relaxations every chance you get. Keep your right hand fingering constant in order to minimize the possibility of mistakes to enter your playing. Most Left hand mistakes are originated in the right hand (the plucking hand). Read through the Technique Highlight section before venturing in the piece so as to dissipate all doubts concerning the technique. Do not hesitate in sending comments or suggestions writing to my mail: renato@mangore.com Good Luck!  S.D.G.

Staff & Video 11

Open strings will often be your greatest technical allies. The guitar only offers 6 open strings and you must make use of them every chance you get. They allow you to make position changes on the fingerboard in a timely manner and they will allow you to relax the left hand between the different section of a piece

Video 11

Staff & Video 12

It is crucial that you relax the left hand completely before making a position change on the fingerboard. It is the best way to eliminate string squeaks. You must check that you are relaxed at all times. When you feel tension in any part of your playing apparatus, send the order "Relax"!.

Video 12

Staff & Video 13

Staff 13 brings all your technique into play: Relaxations, Avoiding string squeaks and Using levers & open strings. Work this staff separately until you have it mastered. I use harmonics on the 12th fret to simplify and making the playing more apt for the guitar between frets 12 & 14.

Video 13

Staff & Video 14

As soon as you play the rhythmic figures on the 5th string, the piece starts from the beginning.

Video 14

Final Staff #15

You can make Adiós Nonino last as long as you please. The number of repetitions are entirely up to you.Congratulations ! S.D.G.

Video 15
Asunción, April 30, 2019
Asunción, May 2, 2019
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