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Bach Saraband BWV 995

Bach, "Saraband BWV 995"

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

Renato Bellucci Teaches JS Bach Sarabande from Lute Suite BWV 995The Sarabande (from the French Sarabande, itself derived from Spanish Zarabanda) is a dance in that gained popularity in the Spanish settlements in the Americas around the 16th Century and only later entered vigorously in Europe. With Bach one gets the impression that the Maser uses this dance to bench mark new musical ideas. I have seen this done by Bach in other amazingly beautiful Sarabands. This one in particular is so futuristic that brings to mind the music from a Stanley Kubrick movie... minimalistic yet deep and amazingly poignant. One would expect the arpeggio to go the totally contrary way... that is from the bass up...

The first technique you will be presented with is the use of Levers. Levers receive the weight of the hand and help the performer place the fingers on the fingerboard with great precision and gentleness of movements. Bach does the opposite and achieves the greatness that always characterizes his genius. In the Baroque era, the standard 18th-century suite typically included a Sarabande as the third of four movementsJohann Sebastian Bach sometimes gave the Sarabande a privileged place in his music, even outside the context of dance suites. Bravo maestro !! Below I will deepen in the main Technical skills that if mastered will take you playing to the next level. I will examine the techniques of Lever and Pivot.


When you use levers you are giving your left hand an anchoring point of great importance that will allow you to perform gentle and extremely precise moves on the fingerboard. When fingering a piece, you must take levers and pivots into consideration and incorporate their moves very slowly at first until they become second nature to the inner workings of your lefy hand. Pivots on the other hand are similar in the end that they achieve but do so by generating a rotating point around which the left hand will rotate -similarly to how a compass rotates around its needle tip-. Animation Below


Below I show how the guitar player must use either tip of finger 1 in order to optimize the work of the left hand. Bending the finger unnecessarily has to be avoided. You will see violin players use this technique a lot, that is why I often call the technique "Violin Barre" (Use teh Base of Finger 1)

Use the Base of Finger 1
Renato Bellucci plays "Sarabande BWV 995"

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Staff and Video 1

Video 1 With Slow Motion, Lever
San Bernardino, Paraguay, December 14, 2014 - S.D.G.

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