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George Harrison Here Comes the Sun TAB

George Harrison, "Here Comes the Sun" (TAB)

Fresh music from the 70s

George Harrison has written my favorite Beatles' songs. He was the more "spiritual" member of the Liverpool quartet. "Here Comes the Sun" was first released on the Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road. Along with "Something" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", it is one of Harrison's best-known compositions from the Beatles era. The song was written at the country house of his friend Eric Clapton, where Harrison had chosen to play truant for the day, to avoid attending a meeting at the Beatles' Apple Corps organisation. The lyrics reflect the composer's relief at both the arrival of spring and the temporary respite he was experiencing from the band's business affairs.
The Beatles recorded "Here Comes the Sun" at London's EMI Studios in the summer of 1969. Led by Harrison's acoustic guitar, the recording also features Moog synthesizer, which he had introduced to the Beatles' sound after acquiring an early model of the instrument in California. Reflecting the continued influence of Indian classical music on Harrison's writing, the composition includes a series of unusual time changes. 

Staff and Video 1

Video #1
San Bernardino, March 16 2018, S.D.G.
Asuncion, May 17 2018, S.D.G.
San Bernardino, May 25 2018, @ 11:13 AM, S.D.G.

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