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Elvis Presley Love Me Tender

Elvis Presley, "Love Me Tender"

Arranged & Fingered by Renato Bellucci

Love Me Tender, by legendary Tupelo Mississippi star, Elvis Presley, The King. I like to stress this aspect of Elvis' bio that often goes unnoticed because most would think the King was from Memphis, Tennessee... or some higher profile city...one more "related" with show business. This proves a fact that I like to shed light on when talking with  my guitar students about music and a career in music:  Some geographical locations are more apt for the aspiring musician to launch a musical career and that steps ought to be taken to see the possibility to move to or close to such locations. this applies to different professions as well. Technique wise, you will have to focus mainly on mastering levers because these as well as changes in the presentation of the Left Hand will be all the challenges Love Me Tender poses. 

Renato Bellucci plays: "Love Me Tender"

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Staff and Video 1

Video 1
San Bernardino, Paraguay, February 6-10, 2015 @ 10:08, S.D.G.

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